This is a comprehensive global list of software solution providers for the solar energy sector. This includes software for solar PV power plants and software and IT solutions for solar thermal (both heating and power generation). The software solution providers have been classified based on the following categories:

  • System Design
  • Site Analysis
  • Sales & Project Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Monitoring Solutions

Companies offering a range of solutions:

  • Clixoo (India) – Clixoo specializes in outsourced software development assistance for Cleantech domains. They operate in the unique intersection of clean technology and information technology. With their decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of cleantech domains, and base in India, a country known for its software expertise, they        assist companies, organizations, governments and other stakeholders develop a range of IT solutions in the Solar, Wind, Bio, and other Cleantech domains.
  • Clean Power Research (USA) – Clean Power Research powers intelligent energy decisions with industry-leading software, research and consulting services. They help develop, sell and operate solar and other renewables with fast, precise insight into the energy, economic and environmental impacts of the project
  • Laplace Solar (USA) – The company delivers advanced solar power software solutions to the United States: Solar Pro photovoltaic (PV) design and simulation software (Solar Pro) and their Solar Link Series of PV performance monitoring solutions (Solar Link ZERO and Solar Link ARCH).
  • PVComplete (USA) – The company’s softwares have been built for solar sales professionals and system designers who want to work together on a single, versatile platform that combines efficiency and accuracy. Solar design starts in PVSketch, the easiest way to design solar. All PVSketch designs can export to PVCAD for project engineering and permit plan sets.

System Design:

  • CadWare (Italy) – CadWare S.r.l. was established in 1989 to develop products and solutions Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Personal Computer. In more recent times CadWare decided to invest his experience into a new product, BlueSol, aimed at satisfying the needs of those professionals who design photovoltaic systems.
  • Clean Power Finance (USA) – Clean Power Finance is a financial services and software provider for the solar industry and capital markets. At Clean Power Finance, their mission is to drive the mass-market adoption of residential solar. They provide software and financial services to residential solar companies so they can operate more efficiently and profitably.
  • Dr. Baum Research (Germany) – They provide consulting for the solar energy projects in software applications that meet the needs of solar power plant installers. Their solar software is for 3D design and shading analysis of solar projects.
  • Easy RSS (UK) – Easy RSS are the UK`s No.1 provider of Renewable Software solutions for the microgeneration sector. Easy RSS specialise in supporting Renewable Installers all over the UK in compliance with the design and calculation requirements under MCS Certification.
  • EasySolar (Poland) – EasySolar makes it possible to prepare amazing designs and customized, professional offers for solar PV installations within minutes. Thanks to its app based cloud technology, solar professionals can work on the go and easily manage their sales just using smartphones or other mobile devices.
  • Greenbyte AB (Sweden) – Greenbyte’s ambition is to make renewable energy cheaper for the consumer and more profitable for the owner by converting more wind and solar into electricity. Through their expertise in wind and solar, computer science and interface design they build software that generate valuable and actionable insights leading to increased power output.
  • GEOPROTEK (Taiwan) – Geoprotek Solar Technology mainly focuses on design and development of monitoring software and platform for commercial photovoltaic plants. The group founded in 1975 and establish GEOPROTEK on 2006. GEOPROTEK had been developing and selling the GS LOGGER product range since 2006.
  • Folsom Labs (USA) – Folsom Labs develops HelioScope, an advanced PV system design tool that integrates system layout and performance modeling to simplify the process of engineering and selling solar projects.
  • HOMER Energy LLC (USA) – HOMER Energy LLC is the world’s leading microgrid modeling software company. The HOMER (Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources) microgrid software navigates the complexities of building cost effective and reliable microgrids that combine traditionally generated and renewable power, storage, and load management.
  • The Solar Design Company (UK) – The Solar Design Company is the official UK distributor of and trainer in PV SOL, T SOL and GeoT SOL simulation software for solar PV, thermal and heat pump design.
  • Solmetric Corporation(USA) – Solmetric develops software and hardware tools for the solar installation industry. Solmetric’s award-winning SunEye has become the industry standard tool for shade analysis and made Solmetric the world leader in shade measurements. Their PV Designer software enables installers to quickly and easily design residential PV systems.
  • Solarschmiede GmbH(Germany) – Solarschmiede GmbH has years of experience in the development of individual software and licence programs for photovoltaic systems.These focus primarily on system sizing and system optimisation.
  • Sighten, Inc.(USA) – Sighten has built the most advanced software toolset for solar. Their comprehensive platform spans the entire life cycle of a solar asset from tools that streamline origination, system design, and sales/operations to features that automate ongoing reporting and analytics. Current customers include leading tax equity investors, lenders, finance companies, developers, and installers.
  • PVsyst SA (Switzerland) – The PVsyst software is a tool that allows its user to accurately analyze different configurations and to evaluate the results and identify the best solution. The PVsyst team is committed to developing the software in a way that ensure its sustainability. The development of PV technology depends on the existence of a large group of highly-qualified professionals.
  • Valentin Software, Inc.(Germany) – Valentin Software, Inc. has been providing solar professionals with industry leading PV and Solar Thermal design, simulation, modeling and sales software since 1988. Their PV*SOL and T*SOL software programs are known worldwide for their power, accuracy and ease-of-use. PV*SOL and T*SOL software is used by customers in over 70 countries to design, analyze and sell residential, commercial, industrial, district-wide and utility-scale systems.
  • Vela Solaris AG (Switzerland) – Vela Solaris is a leading provider of simulation software for the renewable energy sector. Polysun, a simulation software developed by Vela Solaris, provides invaluable support in the analysis, design and calculation of heating and cooling systems using renewable energy.

Site Analysis:

  • Solargis s.r.o. (Slovakia) – Solargis is a technical consultant in solar power and operator of the SolarGIS online system. Their aim is the reduction of uncertainty in solar energy projects by offering high-quality solar resource data and software services.

Sales & Project Management:

  • MODSolar (USA) – MODsolar is the leading software and services company that helps remove the complexity from the solar sales process. Their software technology facilitates end-to-end sales processes, helping to close sales faster while increasing solar adoption, significantly reducing time, resources, costs and barriers to sales.
  • 3RHINO LLC (USA) – 3Rhino is a contractor friendly mobile software that integrates sales, marketing, lead management, project management, and business management. 3Rhino Solar Software is a comprehensive Estimating, Quoting, CRM & Project Management Tool that is configurable for their specific company needs.
  • SolarNexus (USA) – SolarNexus is powering the most effective network of independent solar sales and installation companies. SolarNexus gives a single place to manage leads through project completion. Now one can leverage the same level of sophistication used by the biggest solar companies.
  • Solaris (Australia) – The Company’s SolarPlus job workflow navigation provides a simple and effective way to generate quotes quickly and compare system options for best value.

Financial Analysis:

  • Energy Matters (USA) – Energy Matters’ core software and Apps power the most successful sales and marketing solutions in the solar, wind, renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. The Company develops core technology and specific applications used by professional installer/contractors, Distributors, Manufacturers (OEMs), and Internet marketing organizations.
  • ENACT Systems (USA) – ENACT’s end-to-end business platform accelerates sales, financing and operations for distributed solar project developers, distributors and installers. ENACT’s platform also provides marketplace and analytics services for a range of stakeholders.
  • OnGrid, Inc.(USA) – OnGrid offers data, software, and education to solar companies – so those companies can offer effective financial presentations to their prospects.

Monitoring Solutions:

  • BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd.(India) – BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as BK Consimpex Pvt. Ltd.) is one of India’s first private sector meteorology and environmental technology companies. They were the first private sector entity in India to run numerical weather prediction models, making high resolution weather forecasts for the Indian region accessible to a range of end-users.
  • Draker(USA) – Draker is the global leader in performance monitoring and control of solar power systems. They hold the proud distinction of being the first company in the United States to provide independent monitoring and performance analysis of energy produced by solar arrays.
  • DECK Monitoring – an AlsoEnergy company (USA) – DECK Monitoring`s mission is to help businesses and individuals with the energy intelligence they need to effectively measure and manage energy. This software can monitor generation in solar PV systems and other renewable technologies.
  • EMPURON AG(Germany) – EMPURON AG is providing IT solutions for power grids and energy efficiency. The focus is the overall management of decentralized renewable energy plants. The applications are: PV Monitoring, Solutions for Network Operation and Decentralised Plants and Smart Metering Portal Solutions.
  • Neuron Energy Solutions (Greece) – Neuron Energy Solutions is a start-up company focusing on Energy Analytics and intelligent Energy Information Systems. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and cloud-computing technologies, they provide innovative solutions for the monitoring and management of renewable energy sources, and especially PV installations.
  • Meteo-Logic Ltd.(Israel) – Meteo-Logic provides custom-made accurate weather forecasting to professional institutions and businesses that require the highest level of accuracy in weather predictions. The company offers its clients detailed weather parameters and the tools required for making weather-sensitive decisions. Renewable Energy Operators, Manufactures & Traders.
  • Meteodyn(France) – They study micro-meteorology at local scale (wind, solar radiation, precipitation) to optimize and secure  projects. Also, they develop applied meteorology software suites: wind and solar resource, natural ventilation, energy efficient buildings, climatic comfort and urban design etc.
  • Locus Energy(USA) – Locus Energy develops web-based asset management software for renewable energy systems. They provide monitoring, analytics and data services for deployments of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology.
  • Sorapro (USA) – SORAPRO was founded in New Jersey by a team of engineers and solar enthusiasts who set a goal to research the shortfalls of renewable energy installations and create new solutions to correct them. By utilizing decades of experience in solar energy and intelligent software solutions, they simplify data acquisition systems by improving the installation practices of renewable energy monitoring systems.
  • Monsol (Spain) – Monsol was created in 2005 with the merger of several companies in the photovoltaic sector. Monsol is the trademark for any business branch dedicated to the design, manufacture, supply and integration of related photovoltaic and monitoring equipment, signals or data services.
  • 3E (Belgium) – They are technical advisors and consultants in renewables and energy performance optimization, focusing on the cost-effective implementation of a fully renewable powered energy system. SynaptiQ is a powerful and flexible solar PV portfolio management tool developed by 3E to treamline solar PV O&M operations with intelligent data analysis, maintain oversight and control over solar PV portfolios.
  • GreenSynergy (Germany) – With GreenSynergy, one can simply take over the operation of their photovoltaic system, regardless of whether it is a domestic roof system or several powerful solar parks. GreenSynergy provides the perfect basis to monitor the functionality of their photovoltaic system automatically and shows the performance data down to the level of the camera.
  • GreenPowerMonitor (Spain) – They provide with all the tools for optimizing the performance of one’s solar power plant. They are committed to their highly qualified team of professionals whom they entrust to keep their products up to date with the latest advances in the industry.
  • QOS Energy (France) – QOS Energy inherits the expertise of its founders in the field of IT, particularly dealing with complex technical infrastructures for private and local government entities. Quality of Service management specialists – “QoS”, concept covering the availability and performance of infrastructures-, QOS Energy has acquired a comprehensive expertise in the value chain.
  • Ekogrid (Italy)  ekogrid is a service that allows one to optimize the monitoring and management of photovoltaic systems, both from a technical point of view and from an administrative point of view. The service, as well as supervise the main components of a plant, through the detection of operating parameters and analysis of deviations from expected performance, also provides support in managing relationships with bodies such as GSE, Electricity Authority, UTF etc.
  • Skytron (Germany) – Their know-how extends from continuous state monitoring in the photovoltaic generator field via intelligent generator connection boxes (GAK), data acquisition and long-term data storage up to generation and network safety management. Their components are compatible with all commercially available inverters and energy meters.
  • Smartblue (Germany) – smart blue provides a hardware-independent monitoring portal for the technical operation of PV systems. The service console SmartControl allows simultaneous PV monitoring of all the systems: for plants of almost any size and regardless of the data logger used.
  • Steadysun (France) – Steadysun facilitates power grid and photovoltaic plant management and makes it possible for customers to reduce their operational costs by using its solar forecast solutions. Used in conjunction with meteorological models, satellite imagery and on-site instruments, Steadysun technology generates forecasts for the next few days or the next few minutes.

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