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About Clixoo

Clixoo specializes in outsourced software development assistance for Cleantech domains

Web Applications

Software Tools

Mobile Apps

Interactive Content

We operate in the unique intersection of clean technology and information technology

With our decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of cleantech domains, and with our base in India, a country known for its software expertise, we assist companies, organizations, governments and other stakeholders develop a range of IT solutions in the Solar, Wind, Bio, and other Cleantech domains.

Software Development for Cleantech

Here’s a snapshot of what we have done in each of the IT solution domains:

Web Applications

We run some of the popular web properties for clean technology and renewable energy.

Our consulting division has worked with Fortune 100 companies and provided assistance to them in the cleantech domain. We have done perhaps the most diverse renewable energy assignments as a dedicated Indian renewable energy consulting group. Range of domains include – Solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, sustainable materials – Bioplastics and other Bio-based products.

Our comprehensive yet concise web resources have benefited millions of stakeholders over the past several years.

Some of our Popular Web Resources

India’s largest web resource and community for renewable energy
India’s largest web resource and a global guide for solar energy
A content and community portal for the algae based biofuels and bio-products industry
A content portal dedicated for all cleantech domains answering thousands of questions in a simple but effective way

Software Tools

With our domain expertise in a range of cleantech and sustainability domains, we are one of the best firms to develop calculators, estimators and more for any cleantech, renewable energy or sustainability domain. Over the past several years, we have developed almost a dozen industry-specific calculators and tools. They are some of the most acclaimed for their accuracy and user-friendliness.

Web Based Tools for Solar


A user-friendly web application that enables solar power plant purchasers make optimal decisions


A range of solar calculators developed by Solar Mango

Smartphone APPs

Our tech team has engineers with excellent expertise to create smartphone apps, both for Android and iOS, but especially Android. Combining our domain knowledge in cleantech and sustainability, we have developed some world class, useful smartphone apps.

Solar Mango Global News

An Android app that provides automated aggregation of news from popular solar energy portals

Solar Mango India News

An Android app that provides relevant curated news articles relevant to the Indian solar sector


An app that makes fitness easy by enabling you to do small bits of health activities in 3-5 minutes, and provides you useful reminders and analytics

Videos and Interactive Content

Videos are a powerful way to educate and train, and to market cleantech products and services. Our creative team works with our domain experts to create powerful, creative videos for a range of cleantech and sustainability sectors.

Videos from the Solar Mango Studio

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Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Clean Technology

Through its two divisions, EAI (Energy Alternatives India) and Solar Mango, Clixoo has developed significant experience and expertise in the cleantech domain:


Our consulting team is one of the few in India that has provided market research and feasibility studies on a range of cleantech domains:

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Biomass Energy – for heating and power generation
  • Biofuels
  • Sustainable Materials – Bioplastics, other Bio-based Products

Our clients include some both large and small companies and entities. Some of the prominent consulting clients include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GE, Reliance, GSK, World Bank and more. We have also assisted various state governments in India as well as the governments of Mexico, Italy & Spain in their understanding of the renewable energy sector.

Research & Reports

Clixoo’s EAI & Solar Mango divisions have published the following acclaimed reports




Our research reports have been used by the Who’s-who of the global business and corporate world, including McKinsey, NREL, Exxon Mobil, Total, Shell, Mitsubishi, Solvay, Accenture, SunPower, many national governments and more. Over 2500 entities worldwide have benefitted from our research and reports. Our white papers on a range of renewable energy and cleantech domains have benefitted over 100,000 industry professionals and companies in the past decade.

Education & Training

Clixoo also works closely with leading renewable energy and solar energy training entities such as kWatt Solutions and assists in training and education for the solar energy sector.

We also run a small but focused division called Cleancubator that acts as a cleantech incubator, and conduct a yearly program called Cleantech 101 that provides a practical introduction to clean technology for undergraduate and graduate students.

Events & Promotions

EAI & Solar Mango has also conducted various events and promotions for many industry stakeholders. These included RENERGY 2012 & 2013, which was done along with the state government of Tamil Nadu. Solar Mango has also been a regular media partner for Intersolar, world’s #1 trade show for the solar power sector. In addition, on its own, EAI & Solar Mango have conducted educational and promotional events including MW Solar Blueprint, Solar EPC Developer Meet, REAction and more.

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