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Clicks that make a difference


A team of people from Clixoo have volunteered to teach in a home by the name PUSH Trust ( in Grant Line, Red Hills. PUSH stands for ‘People United to Save Hunger’. The home takes care of underprivileged children from the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The volunteers from Clixoo visit PUSH Trust each Saturday and teach the kids their respective subjects. When we visit the home once a week, we make sure that we spend quality time with the kids, interacting with them on a range of topics and closely monitoring their progress.

We start our sessions by assembling all the kids in the first floor of the home. The kids are grouped and each volunteer is in-charge of a particular group. This brings in some structure and organization into the picture. The group leaders then report on their group’s performance and we quiz the guys on what they learnt the last one week. This activity gets quite interactive and generally produces a couple of rounds of laughter when some kid messes up his answers badly. When this activity gets over, each volunteer picks a spot and starts teaching his group. Clixoo-ites, as always, conduct the classes in a host of styles but everyone remains true to the objective and very professional. Records are kept for each kid and his performance monitored. Periodic tests are conducted, students assessed and our approach of imparting education scrutinized and revised. We shuffle group leaders occasionally, motivate good performers and counsel poor performers.

After a four-hour class, we wind up by giving homework and setting study targets for that particular week. The group leader usually makes sure that the other group members keep up with the given work. Each kid does the work assigned to him/ her and records it date-wise. With this, the session comes to an end. We generally hang around for a few more minutes, chatting or brainstorming, enquiring about how the home is doing in other areas and playing with the kids. We pack our bags come evening and head to our respective homes.

We started this process because we felt the need to act on the problems of our society. Running at break-neck speeds all through the week to meet deadlines, keep up appointments, getting deals and finishing projects, being hooked to the computer for the majority of each day, this Saturday hiatus gives us that much necessary hard slap across our face to bring us back to reality. We look at these lovely kids and it makes us realize how there are bright, cheerful kids biding their time, enduring hardships and working hard to follow whatever it is that they dream of becoming. This Saturday probably puts the work we do for the rest of the week in perspective. When we teach these kids, laugh with them, be strict with them, encourage them to think, their freshness and naiveté infects us and we often end up smiling together and shaking our heads. And when we walk out of the place, the satisfaction of empowering these kids is wonderful and is definitely fulfilling in a different way than clinching deals or meeting deadlines.

Paasi Yatra – Saluting Algae

You might have heard of Kaasi Yatra – a trip taken to Kaasi (Varanasi) to pay homage to our ancestors.

At Clixoo, the Oilgae Team has started on their Paasi Yatra – a journey all over India to identify how algae are already being used for providing a range of benefits. (Paasi in Tamil means algae)

A couple of weeks of back, we went to SNAP Alginate in Ranipet where the company has a wonderful job of industrial wastewater remediation using microalgae. A couple of days back the Paasi Yatra team visited the company Nualgi Nanobiotech at Bangalore (all right, Bengaluru, to satisfy those die-hard name-change-lovers),  where Sampath Kumar has done a great job of using diatoms to clean dozens of sewage-drained lakes in the city.

Both these trips were exciting. They showed us the near-term bioremediation potential for algae. The PY team is planning to visit more such algae-based remediation projects in India over the next weeks. (we might actually be at the banks of the Ganges next, if certain rumours going around within the Paasi Yatra team are to be believed)

After all, who better to pay obeisance to than our earliest ancestors (if you believe in Darwin – oh, and here – that is), that our good ole algae, which by the way produces more than 50% of the oxygen on earth.

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Ok! Ours is (currently) a small world, with just over a dozen folks populating it. But we are growing, so watch out!

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