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Clixoo – Outsourced Mobile App Development for Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient in terms of fuel consumption, cutting back on electricity usage, reducing carbon footprint, etc. is globally discussed. Currently there a slew of mobile apps specifically designed to enable users to become more energy efficient.

These mobile apps mainly help to track and monitor energy usage in buildings or residences and help users make the right energy choices.

What can Clixoo do in Mobile App Development for Energy Efficiency?

Clixoo can provide outsourced app development assistance for the energy efficiency sector and have a focus on:


  • Energy Usage Tracking
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking

Who is it for?

Clixoo can provide outsourced app development assistance for:

  • Energy service companies (ESCOs)
  • Energy management system vendors
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Companies that develop energy efficiency software

Clixoo’s App Development Assistance for the Energy Efficiency Industry

We can be your outsourced partner to develop iOS and Android Apps, specifically for:

  • Energy Usage Monitoring
  • Carbon Footprint Tracking
  • Energy Efficiency Gamification

Check out Clixoo’s Outsourced App Development Assistance for:


Mobile energy monitoring and management apps promise to help reduce energy use by allowing users to monitor their consumption wherever they are – in some cases, such apps let users control devices remotely. Some also spot the biggest energy hogs in homes or industries, or measure energy use against fixed energy goals or peer averages.

Most of these apps come with clip-on sensors that can be added to the fuse boards from where data can be transmitted.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced development assistance for such apps that can cover areas like:

  • Mapping houses or buildings to corresponding utilities based on location
  • Calculate energy use and predict bills
  • Display graphs and tables of weekly and monthly energy usage patterns
  • Visualization of year-to-year energy comparisons
  • Real-time overview of energy consumption and associated costs
  • Remote control of electronic devices

There are apps that are designed to measure business and individual carbon footprint from daily activities. These apps not only identify the environmental costs of business activity, they also suggest ways to reduce energy usage and other activities that can be done at home or work to reduce carbon footprint.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced development assistance for such apps that can cover areas like:

  • Estimate of the CO2 emissions associated with key activities such as travel, electricity  usage, and waste disposal
  • Generation of alternate solutions for energy intensive activities
  • Identification of processes or appliances that utilise the most amount of energy
  • Generation of routine tips to cut down energy use
  • Generation of routine reports and progress trackers

Games and gamification can be used to motivate and support citizens’ behaviour in energy use. Apps use gaming concepts to encourage energy-efficiency behaviour in commercial buildings and among individuals. The users, using their smart phones, can monitor and have a daily visual on office or home energy consumption.

The system analyses the real-time building energy consumption and various statistical metrics. At the same time another sub-module analyses the social profile and behaviour of employees or individuals inside buildings or homes using specific inputs.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced development assistance for such apps that can cover areas like:

  • Algorithms and game mechanics/scenarios for various users
  • Real-time calculation of energy usage
  • Generation of points and upgrading user levels based on progress made
  • Generation of sustainability surveys and awareness tests
  • Sharing users’ energy-usage progress on social media


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Why Clixoo?

Clixoo is one of the very few in the world!

EAI, a division of Clixoo, is one of the top most reputed brands in the renewable energy sector. Considered India’s leading cleantech consulting and research firm, EAI has done projects in various clean energy sectors including solar energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, biomass, wind energy, etc.

Our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of renewable energy and sustainable development has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

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