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Software Solutions and Cleantech Sector

Software solutions can bring about a radical change to the way operations and processes are approached in the cleantech sector. A digital and automated mechanism, be it for customer acquisition, performance monitoring, data collection and validation, energy availability forecast and others, is critical to ensure optimum performance for clean energy  sectors like solar, wind, water management , pollution control and others.

This is where Clixoo’s Outsourced Software Development Services comes in.

Clean Energy and Cleantech Sectors we can provide Software Development Services in:

Who will benefit from Clixoo’s Software Development Services?

Our expertise and assistance will be beneficial for:

  • Cleantech Investors
  • Cleantech Solution Providers
  • Corporates and Industries
  • Government Bodies, Municipalities, Residential Organisations
  • Cleantech Software Companies

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Why Clixoo

Clixoo is one of the very few in the world!

Clixoo has a decade-long experience in cleantech through various avenues like consulting, research, events and training along with a comprehensive experience in creating software tools and applications for the cleantech domain.

It helps that we are in India, a country that is a known software powerhouse, and at the same time has been making rapid strides in renewable energy and clean technology.

Using this unique intersection of expertise, we currently provide outsourced software development assistance to the key renewable energy sectors.

Cleantech Domain Expertise


  • Provided Consulting Assistance to 200+ companies
  • Worked on most diverse renewable energy assignments spreading across – Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biofuels, Sustainable Materials
  • Strong team with diverse cleantech domain expertise and educational backgrounds from IITs and IIMs

Research & Reports

  • Our cleantech domain research reports are used by over 40 companies in the Global Fortune 100.
  • Benefitted over 100,000 cleantech industry professionals and companies in the past decade through our whitepapers.

Education & Training

  • Conducted Education & Training programs for most cleantech domains for students and various industry stakeholders
  • We work with top industry stalwarts to promote cleantech skills training specially in solar

Events & Promotions

  • Conducted some of the most acclaimed and well-attended cleantech and renewable energy events like RENERGY, REAction, MW Solar Blueprint and several others.
  • In terms of cleantech industry contacts and reach – we are simply unbeatable.


IT Domain Expertise

A dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing:

Web Apps

  • We run some of the popular web properties for cleantech and renewable energy – EAI, Solar Mango, Oilgae, Cleantech Guide
  • Put together, these web properties attract over 8000 visitors per day

Software Tools

  • We have developed over a dozen calculators, estimators and more for the cleantech domain in the past several years
  • They are some of the most acclaimed for their accuracy and user-friendliness.


Smartphone Apps

  • Our Tech Team has a wide experience in creating world-class and useful smartphone Apps
  • Easy navigation, meaningful content and user-friendliness are some of our App highlights


Videos & Interactive content

  • We are also a bunch of creative geeks and we like to create interesting and interactive content
  • Our videos are popular for their powerful content and communication

Looking for Outsourced Software Development Assistance from a Cleantech Domain Expert?

Talk to Us – hello@clixoo.com