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Bio-energy is the most dynamic and challenging amongst most cleantech domains.

Unlike other renewable energy domains like solar and wind, bio-energy is far more intricate mainly because of the supply chain availability issues. But remember, it is the only renewable energy which can give maximum efficiency and PLF.

Clixoo can provide outsourced  software solution assistance for the bio-energy sector, with a special focus on:

  • Biomass Supply Chain Optimization
  • Biomass CHP Calculator
  • Biomass Boiler Design & Management
  • Biomass ERP (Enterprise Resource Platform)

EAI – a division of Clixoo – is perhaps the only group in India to have done a variety of assignments in the biomass and biofuels domain in India. We have worked for some of the Top Fortune 500 companies and assisted them in their biomass supply chain optimization. In Bio-energy, we have worked with diverse stakeholders – government, small businesses, global leaders, international firms entering India and academia.

Outsourced Software Development in Bio for

Web Applications

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Who is it for?

Clixoo can provide outsourced software solutions and assist in developing world-class IT solutions for bio-energy domains for

  • Biomass based power plant investors
  • Biomass based heating projects
  • Biomass based CHP(Combined Heat and Power ) facilities
  • Bio-energy farm developers
  • Governments, agriculture and forest departments
  • Briquette and pellet manufacturers

Check out Clixoo’s outsourced software development assistance for :

Uninterrupted supply chain at optimal costs is one of the key bottlenecks for any biomass and bio-energy projects anywhere in the world. Many industries are using biomass for heating purposes and also for power. Quality of biomass briquettes and pellets used, availability of biomass suppliers nearby and at optimal costs are some of the key parameters to look for while doing biomass assessment.

It is vital to evaluate the supply chain feasibility of biomass before any large investment. Clixoo team has a good understanding of the working of the biomass supply chain and the entire value chain and hence can provide outsourced software development assistance in designing a custom-made software for biomass supply chain optimization.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such software tools that can cover areas like:

  • Region-wise biomass feedstock assessment
  • Types of feedstock available and which types will be suitable for the given boiler
  • Nearby biomass vendors availability and vendor evaluation
  • Calculating quantity of biomass required for operations in a given period
  • Time of availability of feedstock
  • Real-time biomass cost feed
  • Logistics management
  • Evaluating quality of biomass based on calorific value, moisture content and ash content
  • Accurate and timely vendor payment

If you are considering to setup a new or convert existing boiler to a Biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) boiler, we can develop a customized Biomass CHP calculator which can aid you in the following:

  • Computing how much your biomass CHP boiler can contribute to meet your demands.
  • Financial modelling and feasibility analysis of Biomass CHP boilers
  • Calorific value, quality, weight and moisture content estimator for different biomass briquettes and pellets
  • Cost savings through Biomass CHP boiler – Energy cost savings, O&M costs, Excess electricity generated
  • Calculating the environmental benefits – GHG emissions, energy conversion efficiency
  • Compute the additional fuel required for cogeneration to meet your entire need.
  • Total carbon footprint reduction monitoring
  • Ash handling and monitoring

Designing a complete biomass boiler requires an in-depth knowledge of each of the component systems. Successful biomass installations depend on careful calculations of heat load and must take into account a host of site-specific features. Keeping this in mind, nowadays there are specific biomass boiler design softwares in the market.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such software tools that consider areas like:

  • Biomass boiler sizing
  • Biomass fuel requirements
  • Running cost calculations for the boilers
  • RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) calculation for the boiler yield

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform is a software application that is customized to fit specific needs depending on the type of business.Biomass ERP platform streamlines planning activities for various stakeholders like pellet and briquette manufacturers, biogas producers, combined-heat-and-power facilities, etc.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such software platforms that can cover areas like:


  • Contract management of suppliers, by contract, party, location and product
  • Manage vendor/party information such as contact details, insurance status, training certification, etc.
  • Create, manage and delete specifics on  storage locations
  • Traceability of procured feedstock
  • Testing schedule for compliance of feedstock according to specific characteristics like moisture or energy content
  • Reporting tools to visualise an up-to-the-minute picture of inventories



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Why Clixoo?

Clixoo is one of the very few in the world!

EAI, a division of Clixoo, is one of the top most brands in the renewable energy sector. Considered India’s leading cleantech consulting and research firm, EAI has done projects in various sectors including solar energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, biomass, wind energy, etc.

Our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of renewable energy and sustainable development has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

The Clixoo team, in addition to having deep domain knowledge of specific cleantech and sustainability sectors, also has a dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT Apps, Cloud Apps, etc.

With our decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of cleantech domains, and with our base in India, a country known for its software expertise, the Clixoo team can provide outsourced software solutions for different verticals within the cleantech sector.