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Clixoo Tech Expertise

The Clixoo team, in addition to having deep domain knowledge of specific cleantech and sustainability sectors, alsohome has a dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing the following:

  • Web Apps
  • IoT Apps
  • Cloud Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Ecommerce Apps
  • Social Apps

Web App Development for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class web applications comprising dynamic web sites combined with high quality server side programming for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

We have excellent and comprehensive expertise in both client side and server side dimensions of web applications development.

Client Side Scripting / Coding

Below are some common Client Side Scripting technologies we have expertise in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit

Server Side Scripting / Coding

Below are the Server Side Scripting technologies we have expertise in:

  • PHP (Linux / Unix based Open Source – usually combined with MySQL database)
  • Zend Framework (PHP’s Object Oriented Web Application Framework)
  • ASP
  • NET (Microsoft’s Web Application Framework – successor of ASP)
  • ColdFusion (Adobe’s Web Application Framework)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python

In addition, our team has expertise on the following components of web application development:

  • Web Application Frameworks
  • Professional Coding Guidelines, Standards & Convention
  • Using best of breed Web Applications & Software Development Lifecycle Model
  • Best of breed Web Application Development Processes

We follow structured web application development processes, comprising the following:

  • Roadmap Document
  • Researching and Defining Audience Scope and Security Documents
  • Functional Specifications or Feature Summary Document
  • Team Collaboration and Project Management Document
  • Visual Guides for Development – Design Layout, Interface Design, Wire Framing
  • Technology Selection & Specifications, including diagrams of Architecture and Structure, Development Methodology, Versions Control, Backups, Upgrades, Expansion and Growth Planning Document etc.
  • Structured analysis and selection of Third Party Vendors where relevant – for instance, for Merchant Account and Payment Gateway, SSL Certificate, Managed Server / Co-located Server Provider, Fulfillment Centers, Website Visitor Analytics Software, Third Party Checkout Systems, etc.
  • Database Structure Design and Web Application Development
  • Testing
    • Quality Assurance and Bug Testing
    • Multiple Browser Compatibility
    • Application Security
    • Performance – Load and Stress Testing
    • Usability

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Internet of Things Apps for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo<

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class solutions for powerful IoT applications for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

The Internet of Things is exploding, and it’s not hard to explain why it’s happening now. The sensors, networking chips and other technology required to connect to the Internet devices ranging from light bulbs to smartwatches to industrial equipment have all become inexpensive.iot-app-290253

These connected “things” send and receive data through the network relating to a variety of physical characteristics – temperature, moisture level, pulse rate, light level, velocity or revolutions per minute – as well as more complex data such as maintenance requirements, sounds, and static or moving images.

To be of any practical use, things collecting and transmitting data have to be connected to a system of automation. Such a software system intelligently manages the things and the networks they use, organizes and stores the vast amounts of data they generate, and processes it before finally presenting it to end uses in a useful way.

Building Internet of Things Apps

The starting point for Internet of Things applications are the things themselves. These edge devices typically have no screen (although that’s not always the case), a low-power processor, some sort of embedded operating system and a way of communicating (usually wirelessly) using one or more communication protocols. The things may connect directly to the Internet, to neighboring things or to an Internet gateway device – typically a plastic box with blinking lights.

The next tier of the system, an ingestion tier, is software and infrastructure that runs in a corporate data center or in the cloud and receives and organizes the streams of data coming from the things. Software running in the ingestion tier is usually also responsible for managing things and updating their firmware when necessary.

After this comes the analytics tier; this takes the organized data and processes it. Finally, there’s the end-user tier, the application that the end user actually sees and interacts with. This may be an enterprise application, a Web app or, perhaps, a mobile app.

A number of startups offer interesting platforms for IoT solutions development. At the same time, established companies such as Microsoft, with its Intelligent Systems Service, and enterprise software vendors likes SAP, with its Internet of Things Solutions, are also adding Internet of Things capabilities to their offerings.

Our team has expertise in the following Languages IoT Apps development

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • B#
  • Assembler
  • Forth

Cloud Apps for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class solutions for powerful cloud-based solutions/applications for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.


Our team has experts who can provide assistance in native and cross-cloud application development. They have developed hundreds of custom cloud applications for our clients leveraging
industry leading PaaS/IaaS offerings such as Force.com, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and the Google App & Compute Engine.

Our assistance platform for outsourced development in mobility and cloud design and development, helps individuals, enterprisesand startups build robust and scalable web and mobile apps.

We can work on the following dimensions of cloud application development

  • Cloud client – web browser, mobile app, thin client terminal
  • SAAS – Software as a service supplied by ISVs or Application-Service-Providers (ASPs) is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Aspects of SAAS include CRM, email, virtual desktop, communication, games
  • PAAS – Platform as a Service, often simply referred to as PaaS, is a category of cloud computing that provides a platform and environment to allow developers to build applications and services over Aspects of PAAS include execution runtime, databases, web server, development tools
  • DBAAS – optimized scaling high availability, multi-tenancy and effective resource
  • IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. Aspects of IAAS include virtual machines, servers, storage, load balancers, network

Our cloud app development offerings:

  • Best in class Cloud Computing services
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Secure and scalable Web development
  • One-stop Shop for all your mobile and web needs
  • Innovative and Intuitive UI/UX design
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing solutions
  • Specialised App development
  • Implementation using Agile Methodology

Highlights of our offerings

  • User Experience Design – Cloud, social, and mobile apps era necessitates a fresh look at the way we design software. Many of them are passionate about designing apps that are simple, elegant and easy to use.
  • Rapid App Development – Design and develop apps ground-up for the cloud, not just cloud deployment-ready. Many of them are design and develop modular and scalable software embracing design patterns, agile programming standards, and latest experience-centric frameworks. Some of them are deliver a shippable product in as low as two weeks.
  • Continuous Deployment – Our continuous delivery framework brings together core functional components enabling seamless integration across agile project management, distributed version control, continuous integration, and release automation.

Technologies and concepts our network has expertise in

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS)
  • Odoo
  • PhoneGap
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Magento
  • Titanium
  • Big Data analytics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Drupal


Mobile Apps for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class solutions for powerful mobile/smartphone applications for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

Our experts have been developing smartphone mobile applications for the past 4 years.

Overall Mobile Application Services

  • App Strategy – App strategy is crucial and makes or breaks your app. We give our foremost attention to the app strategy before any designing or coding anything.
  • App Designing – World class app designing experts at Openxcell create the lively UIs while adhering to the latest design guidelines.
  • App Marketing – We understand bottleneck of app discovery and hence create effective app marketing strategies for your app to become a financial success.
  • App Porting – Our experts can provide conversion of your mobile apps and games to other platforms to maximise your ROI.

Other specifics of our mobile application development

  • IOS APP DEVELOPMENT – Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? If you want it, our network of experts can build it. From iPhone to iPad t iPod to Apple Watch. They are also experienced in a whole range of technologies including Swift, and have the best team of C and Objective-C coders.
  • ANDROID DEVELOPMENT – Our expert network has developed hundreds of cool Android apps on releases from 2.X to 5.X. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — our network of experts have done it all.
  • BLACKBERRY APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT – We can also develop enterprise-class applications that run seamlessly on all the BlackBerry platforms to ensure excellent experience to the users.
  • WINDOWS APP DEVELOPMENT – Our expert team, along with others in our network has the capability to develop apps for the Windows environment as well.
  • TABLET APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT – We have proficiency in crafting the tablet-centric applications that can make the business services accessible to the tablet users.
  • CUSTOM MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT – Customizing mobile application so that it can feature every aspect of the business and help the business runners to establish the brand image.
  • CUSTOM APPS – Our mobile app developers are truly efficient in this task as they comprehend your custom requirements and develop apps exactly the same.
  • Apps for MARKETING – We create apps for you to market your message in a simple manner, to specific audiences.
  • RESPONSIVE WEB – If your website/web app’s not responsive, you’re doing it wrong. Our expert teams can create a dynamic viewing experience for easy reading and navigation.
  • THE INTERNET OF THINGS – The Internet is connecting to almost everything around us, and transforming it. Many things around us can all be plugged into the digital world. Mobile apps will play a huge role in making them work together.
  • WEARABLES – Next-gen wearable solutions in all areas of cleantech, renewable energy and sustainability.

Experts in our network have worked on mobile backend-as-a-service solutions that offer you the capabilities you need to get to market fast, with the freedom and flexibility you expect. Many of them have worked on enterprise CRM integration, consumer integration, push notifications, storage, security, mobile payments, GPS, and much more. If you need user management, seamless connections with APIs, cloud storage or integration with social networks – we’ve the expertise.

Programming languages we have worked in

  • HTML 5
  • Java
  • C++
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • C#

E-Commerce Apps for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class solutions for powerful e-commerce applications for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

Game-changing ecommerce and related online platforms are disrupting many industries. A number of cleantech and sustainability sector companies have started using these emerging platforms.

Our expert team members can assist in developing a range of ecommerce tools for your firm:e-commerce-app

    • ECOMMERCE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT – Builds mobile-centric application supporting e-commerce model in order to render incredible facility on-the-go to the end-users.
    • Payment gateways – A payment gateway is important because it provides a secure path from the customer to your payment system. It does this by encrypting the data and handling the connection to the payment processor. Without a gateway, your credit card numbers and banking information would be at risk. Or you would need to build your own security systems (which is a lot of work).
  • Mobile Payment Processing Frameworks – If you’re developing a custom mobile ecommerce app, you’ll need to integrate one of these frameworks to enable in-app payments. Using these, your app can capture and store payment information, and then process transactions. The value in these frameworks is their security, customer support, financial reports, and executing of the actual transaction.
  • Analytics for Mobile App E-Commerce – We can build in analytics tools to understand how users are navigating your app. They’ll help identify any hurdles that are hindering your audience from buying.
  • App Store Optimization – if you distribute your app through the App Store, we can provide you assistance on getting your app to be more prominently displayed during App Store searches.
  • Shopping CART DEVELOPMENT – Enhances the retail business productivity with superbly developed shopping cart featuring an array of high-grade and interactive functions.
  • PLUG-IN & MODULE DEVELOPMENT – Optimizes and improves the functionality of the e-commerce application & website through perfectly developed Plug-in and high-end module.
  • MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT – Round-the-clock actively present technical support team stays in touch with business to ensure smooth maintenance of application and website.
  • RESPONSIVE SHOPPING WEBSITE – Makes the shopping portal accessible through varied mobile platforms, such as tablet and smartphone to enhance the customer base.

Other specific of our solutions:

  • Website Design/Development
  • Enterprise B2C & B2B Experience
  • Responsive Web Design / Mobile
  • Multi-Channel e-Commerce: Online, In-Store, Call Center, Mobile
  • Multi-site architecture
  • Multi-language websites
  • Marketplace integration: eBay, Amazon, NewEgg and Rakuten
  • Performance Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Back office system integrations, third-party integration, & work flow automation
  • Built-to-spec merchandising, content management, & transactional capabilities

Social Apps for Cleantech & Renewable Energy – Clixoo

Combined with our cleantech domain knowledge, our technology team can provide world class solutions for powerful social media applications for cleantech and renewable energy sectors.

Building social applications with attractive designs and interfaces can help you in strengthening your social media strategy and boosting customer relationships.social-media

Our experts’ technological excellence and years of experience enable us to build interactive and vivid social apps, meeting the cultural, budgetary and UX challenges. We enable you to reduce the costs of managing and upgrading the apps while improving overall system performance, security and reliability.

Our experts have experience in building social media applications for:

  • Expanding Product/Service Awareness
  • Awareness creation and educational services through entertaining and interactive content
  • Community building
  • Ecommerce & monetization

Features of Our Social App Development

  • Ability to effectively manage your customers and engage them with your core business
  • Flexible to support your business values and social media strategies
  • Entertain, better engage and connect with the users and prospects – through notifications and other updates
  • Authentication and personalization for seamless social experience of business on social platforms
  • Functional, performance and security validation for social media platforms
  • Flexibility to easily upgrade or add new functionalities with minimum risk
  • Optimized apps for excellent user experience and grow lasting connections with prospects

Tell us about your social media application development challenges; we are ready to help you.

Social mobile app development requires expertise along a three-tier architecture:

  • Mobile client – we have developed high quality client end software with excellent design and UI
  • Backend – Your requirements for backend development should be based upon principles of scalability and desired performance. What kind of backend infrastructure would you need? We can help you in deciding these frameworks which can speed up the development process while meeting your requirements for app performance. You’d need to think about a server with secure access to the administrative dashboard, and at least a load balancing system so you can scale your server infrastructure in real-time depending on the load your app is expected to maintain. Add to these the admin panel that helps you provide superior support for the app’s users by enabling better understanding of user behavior, resulting in a far better user interaction and management.
  • Database – Speaking of databases, you can choose between SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL. A large part of our app development has used MySQL as the preferred database, but we can work on the others too.

Our team has proven expertise in delivering high quality on all these three tiers.