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Air and water pollution have become an enormous problem in many parts of the world. Polluted air has been particularly choking Asia, Middle East and Africa. Effects of air pollution include respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, and is responsible for 6.5 million or 12% of global yearly deaths, as per WHO 2012 figures. More recent figures from Unicef show how rapidly the problem has been worsening. Children are our future and the most vulnerable segment of air pollution. As per Unicef, 90% of the world’s children live in area where air pollution exceeds the limits by World Health Organization (WHO). Further, some 300 m children live in areas where limits are crossed by more than 6 times.

Apart from air pollution, water pollution from industrial and urban waste is a huge concern for the local population, especially in developing countries. Water pollutions is further worsened by the fact that it is happening along with reducing availability of water resources and impacts from climate change in many of these regions.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software solution assistance for the environmental pollution control sector, with a special focus on:

  • Emissions
  • CO2 management
  • Solid and liquid waste


Outsourced Software Development Assistance in Pollution Control for

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Who is it for?

We can provide outsourced software development assistance for:

  • Companies trying to keep track of their emissions and comply with reporting requirements
  • Air pollution monitoring by government bodies, industries
  • Planning of new infrastructure by government bodies
  • Software development companies
  • Waste management companies

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With concerns over the adverse effects of air pollution, Governments have been tightening the regulatory controls. Industries are obligated to monitor and periodically report any pollutants being released that are covered under the regulations. Industries failing to follow the regulations or meet the ambient air quality requirements are subject to penalties and review of permits.

Clixoo can provide outsourced assistance to companies building software that can be used to inventory all emissions (particulate, NOx, SOx etc.) at one place. The software can have features like:

  • Ability to track and report emissions from various point sources across units as well as emissions at the whole facility level.
  • An integrated platform for compliance with government mandates and company/industry standards for emissions reporting.
  • Emissions forecasting to see how emissions would change with different process conditions



Cities around the world, like Delhi and Beijing, are facing very poor levels of air quality increasing number of days of the year. This could be due to a combination of reasons like coal plants, industry emissions, improper waste management and vehicular emissions.

Breathing the polluted air causes ailments like respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic lung disease and lung cancer. With these increasing concerns, policy makers from environmental and health agencies worldwide are making urgent calls to action to address the air pollution problem. Real-time air pollution monitoring enables government agencies to protect public health by allowing them to give out alerts in the case of dangerous levels of pollution. Industrial units need such monitoring to maintain safe operations.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for monitoring software that can incorporate the following:

  • Gather information on various pollutants (such as PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3 and Pb).
  • Summarize air quality data in the form of an index to easily convey the level of severity.
  • Create visualizations to understand the air quality data.

With climate change coming on top of the list of threats, nations have set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets under the Paris agreement. A substantial portion of national emissions belong to corporations.

In a positive development over recent years, corporations are increasingly taking steps to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon accounting is a step towards setting and achieving goals for emissions reduction. The trend is mostly because of pressure from investors, corporate customers, as well as banks and pension funds, who are concerned about the future viability of the business as increased climate regulations come into place.

Clixoo can provide outsourced assistance to companies building software that can be used for calculation of CO2 footprints, legislative compliance regarding reporting of CO2 emission and management of CO2 emissions.

A carbon management software can be used by a company for enterprise-wise carbon accounting. It can incorporate following features:

  • Established tools, standards and guidelines can be included for measurement and management of emissions
  • Tools to help in devising a low carbon strategy for operations and product development
  • Auditable records to substantiate management review and for efficient disclosure

Cities authorities across the world are struggling with high levels of air pollution. They are being forced to take measures to bring like (restricting use of automobiles, evaluation of new infrastructure development and promoting cleaner ways of transportation) to bring down pollutants below permitted levels.

Clixoo can provide outsourced assistance to companies developing air pollution dispersion modeling software. These air quality models can be used by the environmental bodies to forecast air quality impacts from new infrastructure and air quality assessments of various emission sources in urban areas.

Such a software can be simple to complex in the details it maps:

  • Street to city-wide level accounting for a whole range of emission sources like traffic, industrial and commercial ones.
  • Modeling of detailed physical elements (including boundary layer structure, height-dependence of wind speed, turbulence and stability to predictions more accurate).

Solid waste management includes various approaches, including recycling for different commodities, municipal solid waste (MSW) composting, waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration and landfilling (with or without transfer stations) and waste reduction. Each will entail capital, operating, collection and transportation costs, various collection and transportation methods, billing, and account receivables, while there will be revenue generation from recyclables, MSW compost, electric and steam sales.

Clixoo can help with outsourced assistance to companies developing software for liquid waste management & solid waste management.

Solid waste management software can include features like:

  • Manage whole of solid waste for various solid waste management methods like recycling, composting and landfilling
  • Define waste sources and collection types
  • Design/evaluate a waste management system to fine tune technology, cost and efficiency
  • Complete operational and financial management for waste and recycling haulers, and facilities like transfer stations


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EAI, a division of Clixoo, is one of the top most reputed brands in the renewable energy sector. Considered India’s leading cleantech consulting and research firm, EAI has done projects in various clean energy sectors including solar energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, biomass, wind energy, etc.

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The Clixoo team, in addition to having deep domain knowledge of specific cleantech and sustainability sectors, also has a dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT Apps, Cloud Apps, etc.

With our decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of clean energy domains, and with our base in India, a country known for its software expertise, the Clixoo team can provide outsourced software solutions for different verticals within the clean energy sector.

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