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Clixoo – Outsourced IT Solution Development for Water and Water Treatment

Many countries face a growing gap between the amount of clean water they can reliably supply and the amount they need. Alarmingly, by 2030, water supplies are expected to meet only about 60% of global demand.

Against this background, it is hardly surprising that the water and water treatment industry (comprising of water treatment systems, effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and water recycling) is now a booming industry.

Global water & wastewater recycling solutions and services market generated revenues of about $185 billion in 2014, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 10% during 2015-2024.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software solution assistance for the entire water treatment value chain, with a special focus on:

  • Water Conservation

  • Water Quality

  • Water Treatment/Recycling

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Web Applications

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Mobile Apps

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Who is it for?

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for:

  • Water Treatment- Technology Investors

  • Water Utilities – Private/Government Sectors

  • Water Treatment- Equipment and Chemicals Companies

  • Water Treatment – Design/Consulting Companies

  • Industries or commercial entities keen on sustainable use of water

  • Infrastructure Companies

Check out Clixoo’s outsourced software development assistance for :

Globally, water utilities and governments are now trying to promote the concept of water conservation. Water conservation is that field that requires constant customer engagement and customer support.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced software development assistance for water conservation software that can cover areas like:

  • Detect water leaks or water thefts by comparing water supply meter data with end usage patterns

  • Provide alerts on water conservation opportunities like rebates on water-efficient equipment or alternative water efficient processes

  • Provide residential consumers or industrial consumers indicators of how efficiently they use water.

  • Educational tools on the benefits and needs for water conservation to bring about consumer awareness

  • Simple irrigation schedules for farmers based on weather forecasts

Water quality data is used to characterize water used for different purposes, identify trends over time, identify emerging problems, determine whether pollution control programs are working and respond to emergencies such as floods and spills.

This is applicable for two areas:

  • Ground water data

  • Surface water data

Software which analyse water data will be highly useful for Water Treatment Companies and Water Utilities in order to track the water quality maintained and the effectiveness of the treatment solutions.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such tools that can cover areas like:

  • Bio-assessment and habitat monitoring

  • Analytics based on inputs from conventional field measurements (dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, etc.)

  • Extent of toxic chemicals like heavy metals, radio-active substances, etc. in the water supply

  • Extent of submerged aquatic vegetation

  • Escherichia coli bacteria counts in the water supply

  • Alarms for changing water conditions and maintenance activities

  • Effectiveness of specific treatment process and chemical additions

Water quality and availability prediction software is useful for protecting the needs of the employees or application processes in an industry, public health, etc.

The modeling results from prediction software under different pollution scenarios are very important components of environmental impact assessment and can provide a basis and technique support for environmental management agencies or industries to make the right decisions.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such tools that can cover areas like:

  • Estimators for air emissions and contaminants during waste water collection

  • Water network analysis to identify potential threats for delivering clean water to clients

  • Models to determine what happens to chemical, biological and other contaminants in drinking water distribution networks

  • Models to provide early alerts for toxic algal blooms in lakes, seas, and desalination plants

  • Tools to predict water quality changes based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition

Whether monitoring drinking water from the source or treating wastewater before it can be released into the ecosystem, managing water resources involve multiple highly complex processes.

With software solutions, optimization and management for water treatment become easy.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such tools that can cover areas like:

  • Provides operators the right concentration of chemical dosage required for current conditions of water based on real-time data

  • Real-time tracking of disinfectant performance in sewage treatment plants or others

  • Energy optimization alerts for various phases of waste water treatment

  • Alerts for required sampling and collection process according to changing statutory mandates

  • Generation of monitoring sample schedule on an easy to use calendar system with a three step monitoring process: new, collection, and completed

  • Creating fully automated and ‘condition-based’ work orders for waste water treatment

  • Generation of Monthly Discharge Monitoring Report and Sludge reports

Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheet based design algorithms for the financial viability of various water treatment solutions.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced software development assistance for financial analysis tools that can cover areas like:

  • Potential savings from water recycling

  • Paybacks achievable for investments in water treatment solutions

  • Relative costs (Investment and O&M) for different treatment solutions

  • Relative costs analysis between centralised and de-centralised water treatment systems

  • Relative loss in terms of costs incurred due to water leaks or thefts

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Why Clixoo?

Clixoo is one of the very few in the world!

EAI, a division of Clixoo, is one of the top most brands in the renewable energy sector. Considered India’s leading cleantech consulting and research firm, EAI has done projects in various sectors including solar energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, biomass, wind energy, etc.

Our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of renewable energy and sustainable development has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

The Clixoo team, in addition to having deep domain knowledge of specific cleantech and sustainability sectors, also has a dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT Apps, Cloud Apps, etc.

With our decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of cleantech domains, and with our base in India, a country known for its software expertise, the Clixoo team can provide outsourced software solutions for different verticals within the cleantech sector.

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