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Clixoo – Outsourced IT Solution Development for Wind Sector

Wind is by far the largest and one of the oldest renewable energy sector, globally. Wind power supplied more new power generation than any other technology in 2015, according to the IEA.

What makes the wind sector even more promising is the fact that it is an established sector globally and growing strong and steady year-on-year (A record 63 GW of wind power was installed globally last year – 2016).

The EAI team – a division of Clixoo – has worked on a variety of consulting and strategic assignments over the past several years and possess an in-depth understanding of the wind power value chain. We have worked with diverse stakeholders in the wind sector – government, small businesses, global leaders, international firms entering India and academia.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software solution assistance for the wind power sector with a special focus on:

  •  Power Plant Performance

  •  Power Plant Monitoring Solutions

Clixoo has the unique intersection of expertise in developing world-class, and highly effective tools and other software solutions for the wind sector that can be an effective aid in your investment decisions.

Development Assistance in Wind for

Web Applications

Software Tools

Mobile Apps

Interactive Content

Who is it for?

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for

  • Wind farm investors
  • Wind OEMs
  • Wind turbine installers
  • Government bodies and utilities

Clixoo’s IT Solutions for Wind

We can be your outsourced partner to develop the following software tools and solutions, specifically for Wind:

  • Wind Assessment
  • Financial Analysis Tool
  • Forecasting & Scheduling
  • Monitoring Solutions

Check out Clixoo’s outsourced software development assistance for :

Unlike Solar – which can be put up practically anywhere under the sun, tapping wind energy requires more analyses and assessment.

For Developers and Investors, it is critical to assess the proposed wind farm’s capability and feasibility before investing. Today, most developers and wind plant designers depend on customized software tools that can predict the wind energy output for a given year and over its complete lifetime.

This software will be highly useful for stakeholders who need to make an assessment report while presenting to the potential client and such analysis will also be useful for wind turbine optimization to obtain the maximum yield. This report will be also key for further steps in setting up a wind farm like obtaining finance and procuring approvals.

The Clixoo team can provide outsourced software development assistance for such software that can cover areas like:

  • Energy production evaluation based on wind speed
  • Flow inclination and wind speed distribution
  • Vertical wind shear
  • Effective Turbulence intensity
  • Corrections for Terrain complexity
  • Wind turbine layout analysis based on wind resource

As wind power is a volatile energy changing very frequently in a given time period, several Governments are making wind energy forecasting and scheduling mandatory. Simulation of wind power generation data using software for a set period of say 6 months or 1 year is critical for the utilities to allocate grid resources for banking and transmission.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such tools that can cover areas like:

  • Site-specific, accurate power forecasts  at desired intervals
  • Power dispatch scheduling instructions to operators
  • Risk analysis for wind farm developers according to energy pricing at specific time intervals
  • Ramp forecasts to provide alerts in case of sudden wind speed increase or decrease
  • Interactive graphs covering live forecasts and historical performance
  • Monthly reports summarizing accuracy of the forecasts, actual performance increase and other metrics

Whether maintaining an individual turbine or monitoring an entire wind farm, owners need to access the right information to instantly respond to any issues and maximize power generation.

In order to increase up-time and improve energy production, 24X7 data intelligence from wind farms has become a natural necessity.A reliable monitoring  software is important for any investor or developer – to take targeted action based on observed and historic trends.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for such tools that can cover areas like:

  • Routine turbine vibration analysis
  • Exception reporting to operators  based on SCADA data
  • Streamline O&M workflows
  • Predictive maintenance plans for operators
  • Corrective maintenance schedules based on faults
  • Power plant fault diagnostics and analysis
  • Data studios that compare predicted and actual output yield
  • Analysis of lost production and reporting
  • Portfolio management that enables performance tracking of several wind farms
  • Alarm and intervention management

Specific financial analysis tools can be used by various stakeholders like wind plant developers, policy makers, wind energy investors and the like.Such software tools usually take into account the specifics of wind energy production like resource availability, maintenance costs, construction costs, actual energy yield, interest rates, government incentives, etc.

Such tools could be a good resource for wind farm developers, OEMs and Investors who wish to analyse their wind turbine investment in a single go without the hassles of spreadsheets and complex computations.

Clixoo can provide outsourced software development assistance for financial analysis tools that can cover areas like:

  • Economic feasibility of proposed wind plants  providing cash flows, paybacks, DSCRs and ROIs
  • Cost-benefit analysis of investing in wind over other energy sources
  • Financial modeling for different business models like community wind farms, and other innovative solutions.

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Why Clixoo?

Clixoo is one of the very few in the world!

EAI, a division of Clixoo, is one of the top most brands in the renewable energy sector. Considered India’s leading cleantech consulting and research firm, EAI has done projects in various sectors including solar energy, energy efficiency, waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, biomass, wind energy, etc.

Our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of renewable energy and sustainable development has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

The Clixoo team, in addition to having deep domain knowledge of specific cleantech and sustainability sectors, also has a dedicated technology team with rich experience in developing Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT Apps, Cloud Apps, etc.

With our decade-long expertise in operating in a variety of cleantech domains, and with our base in India, a country known for its software expertise, the Clixoo team can provide outsourced software solutions for different verticals within the cleantech sector.