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Energy Efficiency VR/AR
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Development
or Energy Efficiency Sector

Looking for a Company with Domain Expertise in Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency to Develop High-Quality Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Applications & Experiences?

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Who will benefit from Clixoo’s VR/AR Development Assistance?

Our expertise and service will be of assistance to companies:

  • In the clean energy industry in particular and clean technology in general
  • Keen on high quality virtual reality & augmented reality applications and experiences developed for their business.

What is the scope of Clixoo’s VR/AR services?

We provide a full spectrum development assistance for virtual reality and augmented reality apps.
Given our background expertise in sustainable energy & clean technology our team’s design, technical and programming skills, and our strong partnerships with others in the VR ecosystem, we can provide significant assistance right from content development assistance until the complete delivery of the product.

Domains/Stakeholders under Energy Efficiency for which Clixoo can provide VR/AR App Development Assistance

Energy analytics and management

Green buildings

Energy service companies (ESCOs)

Energy management system vendors

Green building consultants

Infrastructure developers

Other Clean Energy & Cleantech domains we can provide VR/AR Assistance in

All Renewable Energy Domains – Solar Energy, Wind Power, Bio-energy and more

Energy Efficiency

Water & Waste Management

Sustainable Materials

Climate Change and Environment Solutions

Sustainability in Transport & Logistics

Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry

Pollution Control

Why Clixoo?

Clixoo has the rare combination of expertise in

Cleantech + Software + Art + Creative Storytelling

Clixoo has been providing consulting and business research for the cleantech sector for over a decade. For a variety of diverse cleantech domains – clean energy, waste management, energy efficiency, sustainable chemicals and materials, and more – our team has provided in-depth assistance to both small and large clients. Our customers include Fortune 100 companies, as well as many small and medium firms. In all, over 3000 companies worldwide have benefitted from our research, consulting and publications, across the entire clean energy and cleantech spectrum.
Clixoo also has excellent expertise and experience in developing a range of software solutions for the cleantech industry. We run India’s largest renewable energy and solar energy portals, besides having developing a range of interactive applications for our clients in the industry. Besides, India is a well-known software development powerhouse, and the resources available here can help you develop high quality software and interactive multimedia tools such as VR at competitive costs.
As our activities in cleantech also involve education, training and creating awareness about environment and clean energy, we have always had a strong design quotient. Our designers can bring in rich extent of imagination and artistic talent into developing unique VR environments. Our design team is also highly creative and can come up with powerful, innovative designs and architectures.

Interestingly for a company of our background, we also have in our DNA the skills to tell powerful, effective stories. Some of Clixoo’s core team members excel in humanities. Our cofounder, in addition to being a cleantech sector expert, is also a storyteller, and has published easy-to-read books for solar, as well as unique eco-novels for children.

Beyond all the above, our partnerships with other firms in the country can make a big difference too.

Owing to the partnerships Clixoo has formed with other high quality virtual reality firms and technology solutions providers in India, we can develop AR/VR applications for any level of sophistication.

More about Clixoo from www.clixoo.com

VR/AR: Scope of Work, and Tools & Technologies Used

Scope of Our Activities

UI design, 3D graphics, and stereo rendering

Integrating images and other media to build a 360-degree panoramic experience

Expertise in the following tools:

  • Unity3D, the prominent development choice for game engines and VR apps
  • Google’s Cardboard VR
  • WebGL

Develop mobile applications for Samsung’s Gear VR with the Android and Oculus Mobile SDKs

Developed For Multiple Platforms

Google Cardboard

HTC Vive


PlayStation VR

Samsung Gear VR

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Oculus Rift

We can also create VR apps that can be viewed as 360 degree interactive objects on web sites without the need for headsets.

In Summary:

If you are looking for world class virtual reality application development from a cleantech domain expert and at highly competitive costs, talk to Clixoo.

Interested in Developing your VR application through Clixoo?

We will be glad to develop a quick sample for you in order to make it easy for you to take the relationship to the next level.

Write to : hello@clixoo.com and we will get back to you soonest.