About Clixoo

Our journey that has now brought us to Clixoo started early 2007 when the two founders started getting curious about algae fuels. At that time, algae seemed to be the holy grail of clean transport fuels - they could grow fast, grow almost anywhere, and some strains yielded over 30% oil by weight.

Despite their inherent potential, algae fuels have still not been commercialized owing to a variety of challenges. But for us, it was perhaps the best domain to start our cleantech journey in, as it taught us a lot about the varied characteristics and harsh realities of the energy and environment sectors, and what it takes to arrive at scalable alternatives to conventional sources.

While we thus realised early on that cleantech was a very challenging field, it was equally clear to us that it was the future. So we held on to it. Between 2007 and 2020, under the brand name of EAI (Energy Alternatives India), we grew into a boutique management consulting firm providing market intelligence and business strategy support for many cleantech sectors. While renewable energy dominated most of our work, we also had opportunities to undertake significant market research in other sustainability domains such as waste management, bioplastics, green chemicals and electric mobility.

Our work in this formidable but world changing domain in the past 15 years has provided us with exceptional insights on what does not work, and equally important, what does. It was this set of perspectives that prompted us to build Clixoo. Our experiments with various formats started around mid 2020, and a year and half later, we have something we feel can really make a difference.

We are in the initial stages of climate change action globally. For a powerful initial impetus that leads to a truly transformational change in these domains, we strongly believe that there needs to be a platform (or a few platforms) that can provide the key stakeholders with the following:

  • Curated, actionable intelligence
  • Impactful innovations Tools for continuous dialogue and interactions

That’s what Clixoo is all about - a platform for intelligence and interactions for efforts to mitigate climate change.

We are starting off with a section that has a focus on effective climate change action - - CLIMAX.

When we started our journey in the sustainability domain 15 years back, one of our friends asked us what we were really trying to do. We brashly replied: “We want to make a big difference to the world.” He just laughed out loud.

We hope he doesn't laugh now. At least not that loud.

Thank you for wanting to know about us. We would like to engage with you and take your inputs on how CLIMAX can contribute to a transformational low carbon journey.

Narasimhan Santhanam

Manohar Namasivayam

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