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Cheaper and better hydrogen fuel cell from Syzygy

Houston | United States

Prepares to revolutionize the energy storage industry by driving down hydrogen costs to levels competitive with gasoline and diesel

Syzygy Plasmonics is creating a hydrogen fuel cell technology that produces a cheaper source of energy that releases fewer carbon emissions.


Syzygy's technology is structured more like a battery than that of a combustion engine. Inside the technology, there are cells, lights, and mirrors making as bright as possible, which then spurs a reaction that creates energy. It has the potential to be cheaper — it's made with cheaper materials — and, of course, cleaner than traditional fueling technology with fewer carbon emissions released.

Instead of producing the gas at a central location, liquifying it, trucking the liquid, and re-gasifying the liquid, a Syzygy reactor the size of an outbuilding could be installed on site to produce only the amount of gas that is required, exactly when it is needed.

Its decentralization will drive down hydrogen costs to levels competitive with gasoline and diesel, accelerating the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in industrial and heavy-duty vehicle applications like forklifts, buses, and trucks.

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Syzygy Plasmonics is pioneering a new type of chemical reactor driven by light rather than heat, enabling the potential for dramatically more efficient chemical manufacturing. At the heart of the reactor is a photocatalyst built with nanotechnology.

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