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IoT-based water management from India

Mumbai | India

Innovative technology to prevent and address water crisis

WEGoT is a next-gen IoT-based startup offering integrated water management solutions in real-time to prevent and address the water crisis.

WeGoT’s innovation helps gather information in real-time and makes it available on your mobile phone. This way, it helps its users to manage the water infrastructure in a building to consume water more efficiently.

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WEGoT’s sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) device and a software platform VenAqua, helps to reduce the demand for water by more than 50 percent by tracking real time flow. The granular data collected from various installations across residential and commercial buildings are analyzed and the insights are shared with the end-users on a mobile app.

Relevant industries

  • Residential users - especially upper middle class and high income groups
  • Food and beverages
  • Leather
  • Textiles
  • Automotive
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    Results from a pilot project

    A study on how using IoT technology has driven 25%-30% more efficiency in water consumption in an apartment.

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  • Water use monitoring software for residences
  • Water use monitoring software for industries
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