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Identifying water problems before they become crises

Silicon Velly | United States

This startup seeks to identify water problems before they become crises

The quality of the water supply is not just a problem for the developing world. Many developed countries, including the U.S., are facing major challenges from aging infrastructure.

Because it’s easier to filter water than to monitor it, there’s a huge gap in the monitoring and management space. 

The first step to monitoring water is to measure and understand what is actually in our water at any given moment — it might sound simple, but it is challenging, and water testing solutions have been unable to give the full picture for decades

The Ketos platform combines proprietary hardware and ”internet of things” connectivity with a software platform with data analytics. It allows users to measure and monitor water and includes early warning systems to alert users to a range of contaminants and heavy-metal toxins.

The platform uses sensors and artificial intelligence to flag contaminants, while collecting data for its users. It can be set up to automatically shut off flow if a leak is detected, or to allow a user to shut off flow from a mobile phone. Users such as water plants can gather metrics on consumer behavior, and make forecasts based on water-usage patterns for up to 90 days.

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Ketos’ SmartFabric technology is the backbone of its offering, appropriately dubbed Ketos Hub, that acts as a gateway. Components of the solutions continuously exchange water data over an end-to-end encrypted mesh network via a hub device. Data from the Hub is beamed to Ketos’ cloud for analysis, after which it makes its way to companion smartphone apps and a web dashboard.

Ketos has two products, both of which share many components and design principles. The first, the Ketos Wave, is a water flow measurement tool, and the second, Ketos Shield, is a water quality measurement tool.

SmartFabric allows our solutions to ultimately detect, monitor and analyze in an automated unmanned fashion.

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