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Clairco converts an air-conditioner into an air purifier

Bangalore | India

Internet of Things (IoT) startup enables air quality monitoring and purification.

Clairco is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup that enables air quality monitoring and purification. It uses low drag air filters which can be retrofitted to any type of air conditioning and turn them into air purifiers. The company has developed this patent-pending air purification system in-house.

The air monitoring and purification services are currently being implemented in the premises of India’s biggest health/fitness and home rental brands. Clairco is also executing paid pilots for schools, office spaces, tech parks, and hotels.

India houses 14 out of 20 world’s most polluted cities. Further, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, over 10-50% of indoor environments in India, North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan are estimated to be affected by indoor dampness.

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  • It analyses air quality data of a particular premise on a real-time basis 

  • It then installs ultra-low resistance air filter in existing air conditioning units 

  • This is then converted into smart air purification system

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Bengaluru Start-Up’s Innovation Can Turn Any Air Conditioner Into An Air Purifier

For a country that contains 14 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world, an air purifier is fast becoming a necessity. Here’s an innovative fix.

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This Innovation Can Turn Any AC Into Air Purifier

Aayush Jha’s father had a severe breathing problems two years ago(2017). Being a government employee, transfers are quite common for him. And two years ago, when he was transferred to Ghaziabad, his health started deteriorating. Due to poor air quality, he encountered serious breathing problems. At that time, Aayush Jha wanted to buy an air purifier for his father and found that most of them were expensive. Moreover, they don’t have proper monitoring system. This prompted Aayush to start his own company, Clairco.

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