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Cloud-based waste management from Recykal

Hyderabad | India

A digital platform connects Waste Generators like Businesses, Consumers, Waste Aggregators, Recyclers and enables transactions between them with transparency and traceability.

Hyderabad, India-based Recykal’s digital technology platform connects waste generators (businesses and consumers) with waste aggregators and recyclers, facilitating transactions and offering visibility, transparency, and traceability of recyclable waste. 

The company has also built a suite of mobile applications that facilitates consumer awareness and take-back programmes for FMCG and electronic brands, and ensures compliance with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Guidelines outlined by the government.

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Recykal’s sustainability technology connects generators, processors and recyclers to create one of its kind ecosystem by enabling transactions between them. It’s about digitization of the closed loop system to bring about a systematic change in India’s recycling challenges.

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