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Energy Vault’s Innovative Gravity-based Energy Storage Solution


Energy Vault is the creator of gravity and kinetic energy based, long-duration energy storage solutions that are transforming the world’s approach to delivering reliable and sustainable electricity

Energy storage is an active sector, one that has attracted capital for years as our needs to capture, and later access, power have risen; as the world moves towards renewable energy sources, some of which are more cyclical in nature than traditional power generation methods, being able to save generated power is a key piece of work.

The Energy Vault solution utilizes the same fundamentals of physics and kinetic energy as pumped hydro but replaces the water with custom made composite blocks utilizing an extremely innovative use of low-cost materials. 

The low-cost blocks, combined with their patented system design and some very clever control software, has allowed them to deliver all the benefits of a pumped hydro system but at a much lower price, starting size and without the need for hard to find topography.

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The company’s technology combines a nearly 500-foot tower (the height of a 35 story building) with machine vision software controlling cranes, pulleys, and cables to raise or lower huge composite bricks.  If the bricks are being elevated, energy is being pulled from the grid. If the bricks are being lowered, they deliver energy and/or capacity back to the grid.

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    Here's a technical video animation of Energy vault’s tower in action.

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    Energy Vault, the company that built the contraption, believes that it could help the renewable energy industry confront its most intractable problem: storing up energy against the surges and the lulls that characterizes renewables like wind and solar.

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    Energy storage is an increasingly large problem with renewable energy. Energy Vault wants to solve it by storing extra energy as potential energy in concrete blocks.

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    Supplying clean power is easier than storing it

    It sounds simple: lift heavy blocks with a crane, then capture the power generated from dropping them. This is not an experiment designed by a ten-year-old, but the premise of Energy Vault, which has raised $110m from SoftBank, a big Japanese tech investor. The idea has competition. A cluster of billionaires including Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Ray Dalio and SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son are backing other schemes to capture power.

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