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Equinom’s computerized breeding technology for plant-based food applications

Tel Aviv | Israel

Equinom’s computerized breeding technology could change the market for plant-based food applications, such as meat alternatives.

Equinom’s expertise in computerized breeding technology is changing the market for plant-based food applications, such as meat alternatives.

Equinom uses computerized breeding technology and provides optimized seeds for the food industry to help it meet the growing demand for plant-based products. The company is introducing high-protein legumes, such as soybeans, peas, chickpeas, cowpeas, mung beans, fava beans, and quinoa.

  • Traditional breeding practices have focused mostly on high yield, but specialty traits are now the in-demand trend for food companies
  • For instance, shatter-resistant sesame, one of Equinom’s flagship crops, can be harvested mechanically and grown around the world, allowing farmers to grow locally to meet the rising demand for this seed which produces some of the highest oil content in the industry.

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Equinom’s new breeding methodology integrates the breeder’s skills with massive genomic and phenomic data sets.

They strategically crossbreed plants for targeted characteristics, often reintroducing important characteristics to produce crops with highly desirable traits 

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    The computational seed-breeding methodology streamlines and accelerates multi-trait product development

    Equinom introduces a new seed-breeding methodology for developing multi-trait products, based on computational breeding, which maximizes accuracy and achieves economic efficiency in seed development. Screening massive phenotype and genotype data of F2 populations (early generation populations), Equinom identifies the genetic building blocks of the target product. Then, by using optimization algorithms, Equinom performs an in silico breeding simulation to achieve its product-creation goals.

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    The Bridge Summit 2016: EQUInom

    Equinom presents on how his company's breakthroughs in seed breeding and can help the world grow better crops.

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    Equinom Cultivation Upscales Non-GMO Soy

    Equinom’s technology is transforming the soy industry from an idling commodity to a value-added "breed-for-purpose" market. The company's agroscience expertise and creative business model are making a difference to soy cultivation and commercialization to deliver a portfolio of tastier, non-GMO soy with a higher nutritional profile.

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    Equinom Raises US$10 Million to Accelerate Growth I

    Equinom's non-GMO technology shapes the future of plant protein by designing smarter seeds via fast-track, technology-driven breeding methodology that harnesses natural genetic variation in plants. Leveraging an innovative business model, Equinom supports the entire supply chain and collaborates with top-tier food companies to bring products to consumers.

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    Sowing the seeds of plant protein for a hungry world

    Companies like PepsiCo bank on Equinom’s novel technology for growing sturdier, healthier, cheaper sources of essential nutrients.

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