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FarmWise to Replace Herbicides with Roving Robots

San Francisco | United States

Artificial intelligence algorithms and robotics technologies to make automated farming sustainable

The ultimate goal of FarmWise is to create a line of machines to bring more automation to farming. Their first product is an autonomous robot that uses machine learning to meticulously survey plants and pick weeds, eliminating the need for herbicides. It was deployed commercially for the first time at the beginning of 2019.

  • Consumer demand and aspiration for cleaner food is likely to force farms to find alternatives to harsh chemicals.
  • Agricultural robots are a fairly new category with moderate-good growth expected in the 2020-2025 timeline.

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A mix of artificial intelligence algorithms and robotics technologies used to remove weeds, eliminating the need for chemical weedicides. Some underlying technologies include vison technology using a suite of sensors and customized robotic hardware.

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  • Machine learning to recognise weeds
  • Sensors for weed detection

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