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Lygos makes chemicals the eco-friendly way

California | United States

Lygos, Inc. is a biotechnology-based producer of specialty chemicals that deliver high-value performance without environmental toxicity. Lygos uses modern biotechnology to deliver the benefits of petroleum-based and other industrial chemical technology at competitive prices.

Lygos also develops new bio-routes to chemical functionalities uniquely available through biotechnology to expand the performance window in diverse materials systems.

Lygos uses a low-cost microbial fermentation technology.

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Lygos’ bioengineered yeast produces malonic acid from sugar and CO2 without causing any threat to the environment.

Relevant industries

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • flavours and fragrances
  • Explanations

    Malonic acid is a C3-dicarboxylic acid currently used as an intermediate in the synthesis of numerous flavors, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals. While capable of being used in a wider variety of applications, demand has been held back by malonic acid’s environmentally hazardous, expensive production process. The current process used to produce malonic acid requires sodium cyanide and chloroacetic acid.

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    Clean Tech Rises Again, Retooling Nature for Industrial Use

    As covered by the New York Times, new microbial engineering technologies and a thoughtful look at where biochemistry provides competitive advantages over petrochemistry are two reasons why Lygos is accelerating the pace at which biochemicals are moved from ideas on paper to commercial-scale production.

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    Lygos Upgrades Technology Capabilities to Accelerate Microbial Cell Factory Development Timelines

    Latest technology investments automate strain screening and development processes to meet growing demand for bio-based specialty chemicals

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    Put Down Oil Drill, Pick Up The Test Tube: Making Fuel From Yeast

    What if we could get our gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel from yeast instead of from oil wells? That's not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, it's already happening on a small scale. And there's a vigorous research effort to ramp this up on a massive scale. One of the more innovative approaches uses a new technology called "synthetic biology." Jay Keasling is one of the leaders in this hot field.

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    Lygos Acquires Librede to Accelerate Cannabinoid Production for Consumer, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Products

    Combined technologies will accelerate development, scaling and commercialization of a sustainable, fermentation-based production platform.

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