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FoodMaven Reduces Food Waste by Making Ugly Food Produce Find a Home

Colorado | United States

An innovative online marketplace and rapid logistics company bringing agility and flexibility to the food system

FoodMaven—a four-year-old Colorado startup whose online marketplace helps farmers, meat processors and food distributors find a home for their ugly produce and other excess inventory that was previously destined for a landfill.

Forty percent of food supply in the U.S. ends up going to waste. There’s a good amount that’s completely good to use. There’s a lot of local products that can’t find distribution.

Customers pay on average 30% less than the market rate for food on its platform.

About $220 billion a year is spent in the U.S. on growing, processing, transporting and disposing food that’s never eaten, according to ReFED.

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FoodMaven is an innovative online marketplace and rapid logistics company bringing agility and flexibility to the U.S. food system.FoodMaven sells local, oversupplied and imperfect food from distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants and institutional kitchens at a significant discount. It leverages an efficient online marketplace, big data optimization technology, and an agile logistics model.

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    FoodMaven Director of Marketing, Julian Flores explains the 3 ingredients that will change the food system: 1. Support Farmers 2. Prevent Waste 3. Fight Hunger. FoodMaven works with local farmers and ranchers to make sure they have access to commercial kitchens and an alternative to solely relying on farmers markets.

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    FoodMaven wants to fight the ‘food waste’. The startup buys the overstock from supermarkets and delivers products to local buyers while they are still healthy and fresh.

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    FoodMaven CEO | The Biggest Problem We Are Trying to Solve

    FoodMaven wants to help solve the problem of $300 billion+ of food that gets wasted yearly. Patrick Bultema, FoodMaven CEO, outlines the company’s mission.

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