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Israeli Startup Shakes Up Fashion Industry With Sustainable, Digital Thread Dyeing

Tel Aviv | Israel

The company has come up with a way to dye thread using new technology that will not give off CO2 emissions or produce wastewater.

Twine, a young Israeli startup specializing in digital thread dyeing, is taking a major step to revolutionize the textile dyeing process. Twine developed the world’s first digital thread dyer. The device does not use any water and saves on logistics by bringing the dyeing process in-house to manufacturers, designers, and apparel producers.

  • It also eliminates the need for colored thread stock, dramatically reduces logistics, deadstock, and other waste costs, as well as dramatically reducing time to market.

  • It eliminates the need for wasted samples of the wrong color that would either be stored or disposed of.

  • The process uses zero water. There are no fumes being emitted and the machine runs on electricity.

  • The fashion industry, which produces 20 percent of the world’s wastewater through textile dyeing, is the second-largest water pollution contributor in the world. Traditional thread dyeing uses 70 liters of water for one kilogram of thread.

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Twine’s DST™ is a waterless eco-friendly technology that uses the precise amount of Twine’s TDI™ ink per thread type, length and weight with virtually no waste. The process begins once a color is selected by the user. Twine’s proprietary algorithms automatically create a recipe and initiate highly accurate ink mixing of Twine’s 4 basic TDI™ ink colors. Once completed, the thread passes through a treatment chamber and then into the drying unit. The drying unit will then fixate the TDI™ ink into the thread’s fibers. The system’s closed-loop technology ensures there are no emissions or waste disposed to the environment. Once digitally dyed, the thread is ready to be used immediately without any pre or post-treatment.

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    Twin’s TS-1800 system

    Twin’s TS-1800 system continuously dyes a single raw or off-the-shelf (white) thread to any requested length and in any color, with a choice of millions of colors, shades, as well as color gradients. By using an algorithm instead of manually dyeing material, the process allows for gradient and customizable designs, and colors for customers can be made much more efficiently.

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