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Perfect Day to produce sustainable, healthy, humane milk

San Francisco | United States

Uses microbial fermentation to convert plant sugar to milk

Perfect Day, a food-tech startup is trying to reinvent the way milk is produced industrially.

Their animal-free approach, based on the safe and proven techniques that give us beer or vegetarian rennet, will provide consumers and food manufacturers with the same milk but through a more sustainable, healthy, and humane process.

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Uses microbial fermentation to convert plant sugar into milk proteins — whey and casein — that are nutritionally identical to those that come from cows. The first step is to take milk’s essential genes and add them to microflora – a tiny organism that comes from nature and can produce large amounts of pure protein. This dairy flora can then use fermentation to convert plant sugar into milk proteins.

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    Changing the Dairy Industry by Perfect Day

    Perumal Gandhi (Co-founder) and Ryan Pandya (Co-founder and CEO) from Perfect Day talking about non-dairy dairy products at Slush 2017.

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