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Resynergi produces oil from plastic waste using microwave-based tech

California | United States

System with higher energy efficiency and relatively lower carbon footprint

To produce biodiesel from waste plastics,  Resynergi is combining U of M Professor Roger Ruan’s microwave-based technology for converting biomass such as waste wood or crop residue into oil with its own modular, microwave-based system.

Ruan’s work has focused mainly on transforming biomass but is gradually introducing plastic feedstocks into his work.

Resynergi’s scaled-up biorefining system with its high energy efficiency and its relatively small footprint—a bioreactor and peripheral equipment can fit in a standard 9-by-20-foot shipping container — makes it more accessible affordable for a wider range of potential clients seeking to convert waste to energy.

The lower costs and energy consumption may make this technology economically viable at times of even low oil prices.

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Using energy-efficient, low-emissions pyrolysis, Resynergi’s technology is able to convert traditionally non-recyclable plastics into highly profitable fuel. Microwaves power their uniquely designed, compact system. 

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    Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures in an inert atmosphere

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