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Plastics-to-Fuel Plant provided with Insurance Solution

San Francisco | United States

Scaling plastics to fuel through pyrolysis

RES Polyflow, a plastics-to-fuel technology company, has secured a performance insurance program for its Indiana, USA plant from New Energy Risk, a customized insurance solutions provider for renewable technology projects.

RES Polyflow's plastics-to-fuel pyrolysis process recycles waste that has reached the end of its useful life – including items that cannot readily be recycled, like plastic film, flexible packing, Styrofoam, and children's toys. Their technology converts plastic into ultra-low sulfur diesel and naphtha blend stocks, as well as commercial grade wax.

Once completed, the facility will convert 100,000 tons of plastic into 18 million gallons of fuel and six million gallons of wax annually.

While pyrolysis to convert plastics to oil has been experimented for decades now, the sector has never been able to reach scales anywhere in the world. Should RES Polyflow's technology be able to scale at reasonable economics, it could indeed mean an important milestone for the plastics to oil efforts.

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RES Polyflow technology can take in mixed polymer waste streams that other recycling systems typically have to discard in landfills. For large volume feedstreams, multiple RES Polyflow process vessels can be installed in parallel with shared feed-in and product removal sub-systems.

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