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EcoFactor’s Home Energy Analytics Technology for ACs

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An innovative technology that predict when AC units are failing or wasting energy

EcoFactor is an AI-based analytics platform to predict when AC units are failing or wasting energy

EcoFactor is one of several startups with a cloud computing platform to manage and analyze data from smart thermostats and other home energy devices. But it also specializes in using that data to monitor and predict performance problems and impending failures of the air conditioners keeping houses cool.

EcoFactor’s patented big-data analytics and machine learning algorithms collect and process massive amounts of residential data – including home thermodynamics, family comfort preferences and schedules, plus external data such as weather – to continually monitor, adapt and learn for optimum energy savings.

EcoFactor, which has filed more than 35 patents on various methods of determining aspects of a home’s energy usage, can also detect early-stage problems with AC units, allowing them to be fixed before they linger long enough to cause larger breakdowns.

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EcoFactor’s patented algorithms convert big data into useful recommendations that maximize individual homeowner energy savings. It analyzes data from various sources to automate energy savings as well as optimize demand response for the customers. With a highly scalable cloud platform, analytics engine processes terabytes of data everyday to achieve industry leading residential savings.

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    Making the Connected Home Smart

    EcoFactor provides automation in the home with real savings. Provides services through utilities, energy retailers and home service providers to provide quantifiable energy efficiency savings, demand response with high customer satisfaction.

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    Trane Acquires EcoFactor’s Market-Leading Energy Intelligence Technology

    EcoFactor, Inc.’s energy intelligence software, the leading energy management technology for the connected home, has been acquired by Trane’s Residential HVAC business. EcoFactor’s cloud-based technology will power Trane’s Nexia Intelligence platform. The solution will help further Nexia’s leadership in smart home automation by providing unique artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for energy efficiency and HVAC fault detection.

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    EcoFactor Home Energy Management

    EcoFactor is the leading residential energy management company that enables home service providers to offer an intelligent service to their customers. The EcoFactor platform uses data from communicating thermostats to determine the unique characteristics of a home and automatically optimize the energy use of that home's heating and cooling systems to save energy and money.

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    Third-Party Results Show EcoFactor’s Home Energy Offering Works Really Well

    After a full year of offering residential efficiency and demand response services to customers in Nevada, EcoFactor is releasing third-party results showing very strong savings that appear to beat or rival other leading competitors.

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    AI Analytics Heats Up HVAC

    On June 13th, 2019, manufacturing company Trane took a step toward the future with their acquisition of AI-analytics platform EcoFactor. With this acquisition, Trane’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems gain new capabilities that propel them into an energy future dominated more by software and algorithms rather than by condensers and fans.

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    Webinar: NVE & EcoFactor Integrated Demand Side Management Program

    Overview and results of the IDSM program run by NV Energy using EcoFactor technology. Learn how we drive double digit energy efficiency savings, unprecedented demand response yield and very high customer satisfaction.

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