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Startups are Making Protein from Air


With fermentation-derived proteins, start-ups are making proteins for humans and animals with air as the main feedstock.

Plants were thought to be the best source of sustainable proteins out there. Recently, however, scientists have been developing microbial "factories," and even taking ingredients out of the air, to produce new forms of protein.

Finnish startup Solar Foods makes a protein derived through gas-based fermentation—or using enzymatic reactions to convert carbon dioxide, with minimal amounts of water, nutrients and electricity, into human-edible proteins. The protein can be used as a replacement for flour in food production.

NovoNutrients is another company that uses gas-based fermentation to produce nutrients for fish feed. The company hopes to produce a better and more affordable product for the aquaculture sector that needs more proteins.

Motif Ingredients, a well-funded spin off from Ginko Bioworks, has also announced they'll be using fermentation to develop vital proteins and nutrients for human consumption.

Startups like Geltor and Perfect Day are developing animal-free collagen and dairy proteins respectively.

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Most of these companies use microbial technologies along with computational biotech. For instance, Solar Foods' Solein® enables natural protein production by growing a microbe in liquid in a fermentation tank. It's process is similar to the one used in breweries, but instead of feeding sugars to the microbes, Solar Foods' microbe is fed hydrogen bubbles, air, nutrients and vitamins.

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