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Algae-based, Pharma-grade Cannabinoids

Toranto | Canada

Algae-based flexible production platform to develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids.

FSD Pharma and Solarvest BioEnergy have formed a collaborative research and development agreement to conduct research using algal expression technology to develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids (CBD).

Manufacturing pharma-grade cannabinoids remains a challenge, especially for those that are found in only trace amounts in the cannabis plant. The more than 100 rare cannabinoids may hold very important medical benefits, but they make up less than 1% of the cannabis plant, making it economically prohibitive to extract and purify for pharmaceutical use.

The algae-based route for deriving CBD could prove to be more economical and practical.

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Solarvest will use its algal expression system for the purpose of developing a proof of concept that algae can express pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids.

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