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GE’s latest approach to energy storage

Energy Storage


GE now sees integrating batteries with renewables or gas turbines as its best bet to add value.

Perspectives and insights

  • GE hopes to differentiate itself based on its experience in developing power electronics and its historical leadership in gas turbines.
  • Power electronics provide the linchpin that ties solar, wind or hydro to batteries.
  • It's difficult to differentiate utility-scale inverters, except on price; connecting inverters with other offerings present a possible escape from those headwinds.
  • GE is also advocating a battery and natural gas pairing. This could be a recipe for giving gas plants a new lease on life as pairing even a 30-minute duration battery can improve the environmental impact of the plant..

Xoologue - a discussion between Xoo and Moo

Moo: So, GE is at it again

Xoo: As you say Moo, again.

Moo: But this looks good to me - focussing on some of their core strengths and arriving at valuable combinations of these strengths to provide differentiated offerings.

Xoo: You are the expert on strategy, Moo, and I’m someone who happens to understand a bit of cleantech

Moo: That’s some unexpected modesty from you, Xoo. WelI, I like this strategy, but Xoo, I think GE can go further.

Xoo: More combinations?

Moo: Perhaps. I think they can do the whole hog and become a completely energy company once more

Xoo: My little reading on corporate updates tells me that they are already doing it, Moo.

Moo: Yes, but they can do even more and bring all their focus on energy, clean energy in particular.

Xoo: Isn’t that betting too much on one thing for a large corporate like GE?

Moo: If clean energy is in its entirety soon it becomes a $ trillion dollar, I don’t see how it can be a bad bet

Xoo: You have a point there, Moo, you indeed do!