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Electric vehicle batteries will ‘dwarf’ grid’s energy storage needs


According to experts at the International Renewable Energy Agency., there will be enough batteries in electric vehicles by 2050 to support a grid that runs on solar and wind.

  • Electric vehicles are expected to carry 40 terawatt-hours of battery storage by 2050 compared to nine terawatts of stationary storage available then.
  • If we see storage from not from a transport perspective but from a power-sector perspective it means that a massive electricity storage capacity would be available with all these batteries on wheels.
  • Vehicle-to-grid makes a lot of sense because cars are parked 90 percent of the time, and the battery is connected to the grid for such a long time that we can actually use the battery to offer some services back to the grid.
  • The prospect of shared autonomous vehicles however means far fewer vehicles would be needed overall, and each would be connected to the grid for less time, which could deprive the grid of this vast mobile battery.