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Pathways to net zero carbon buildings in reach around the world today

Sustainable Building Materials

Net and nearly zero energy definitions usually focus on onsite or near-site renewable energy production which limits their application to select buildings. This article highlights what net zero carbon buildings entail and how policy can spur their adoption in not just technologically advanced countries but also in places where you'd least expect them.

  • Some consider net zero carbon buildings a goal beyond reach because of the perception that a building needs to be highly energy efficient and generating its own renewable energy to qualify – that’s not the only way to achieve effective building decarbonization however.
  • One interesting use is to have electric vehicles as energy storage devices to store excess electricity generated by solar or wind during times when these sources are abundantly available.
  • A potential application is to use buildings with large roofs, such as malls and warehouses, to become net generators of renewable energy for other nearby buildings.