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Ten zero-waste cities: How Capannori inspired other European municipalities on zero waste

Solid Waste Management

Read the jounery of a small Italian community towards zero waste to learn how taking a proactive, holistic approach and involving residents in all stages of policy development can lead to successful waste prevention programs.

  • In 2012, the Pay As You Throw waste tariff was introduced, which brought significant change in the waste management system in the town; the new tariff drove local source segregation rates up to 90 percent.
  • Residents were consulted during the door-to-door collection scheme and other zero waste measures, which was key to the success of the initiatives.
  • Supplying Joraform composting machines to public canteens in Capannori helped them reduce the cost of collecting, transporting and treating organic waste.
  • A high volume of dispos­able nappies in residual waste led the municipality to offer subsidized washable nappies to local parents.
  • The rate of unseparat­ed waste per capita decreased from 340 kg per year in 2006 to 146 kg in 2011, a drop of 57 percent.
  • Two self-service refill stations for milk were opened. It has been enor­mously successful in cutting about 90,000 bottles out of the waste system.