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Eco logic: the rise of sustainable tourism

Sustainable Practices in Hotels & Resorts Industry


Insights on eco-tourism practices and policies, and highlights of the eco-travel benefits to businesses beyond just recognition.

Perspectives and insights

  • The Sustainable Travel Finland programme rewards companies and destinations that act in an eco-conscious fashion.
  • Sustainability needs to start early for the hotel industry, right when one is starting to building a hotel.
  • 70% of global travellers are now more likely to book accommodation that is eco-friendly; 52% prepared to alter their behaviour on holiday to become more sustainable.
  • Activities such as ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) are gaining more traction due to their relatively low environmental impact.

Xoologue - a discussion between Xoo and Moo

Xoo: This is an excellent topic of discussion, Moo - Sustainable tourism. One of the industries where many interesting sustainability initiatives are bearing fruits.

Moo: Be as it may, what do you think about the data presented - especially the estimate that 52% of the travellers are prepared to alter their behaviour on holiday to become more sustainable. This estimate surprises me - changing habits & behaviour is an awfully difficult thing to do, and even more when I’m on travel, trying to get away from all the stress.

Xoo: So you think travellers and tourists will not care too much about sustainability?

Moo: I’m not sure if that will be the foremost thing in their minds when they are making decisions about destinations and places of stay.

Xoo: But what about the data, Moo? It seems to suggest the contrary, and you are a strong believer in data.

Moo: Well Xoo, assuming that data and estimate are reliable, I’d think that it suggests that when choosing between two hotels, a traveller would decide to go for an eco-friendly hotel but only if all the basic comfort and amenities for this hotel are the same as those for the conventional hotel.

Xoo: I cannot deny the practicality of your argument, Moo.