Environment Sustainable Transport

Ensuring sustainability is at the heart of the future of mobility

Sustainable Transport

Mobility-as-a-Sustainable-Service (MaaSS) is the key to bringing greener commutes, not just interconnected ones, to the centre of our cities.

  • Mobility is no longer an asset we need to own, or an unpredictable transit option we depend on, but rather a flexible need-specific service we can use and pay for only as we need it.
  • Policy design for mobility as service needs to shift from goals to a processes-focused discourse in which inclusiveness and communication are two very powerful tools.
  • If we are to advance MaaSS (Mobility as a Sustainable Service), we should have definitions more closely related new mobility services: by zones and by time of operation (rush-hour shuttle), by occupancy (capacity to carry passengers and goods), by energy type (are you up for an uphill bike?), or by environmental footprint (wait a couple more minutes to ride a zero-emission mode).