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Electric utilities and electric transport: a marriage made in heaven?

Electric Mobility


Beyond supplying power for electric vehicle charging, utilities are actively planning and developing charging infrastructure, and shaping customer charging behaviors.

Perspectives and insights

  • One problem which utilities are currently addressing: development of e-mobility, especially recharging infrastructure, is slowed by the multitude of local jurisdictions.
  • Deciding where to put infrastructure to serve e-mobility is more complex than serving other electricity customers.
  • Extending charging infrastructure into poorer communities is increasingly seen as a way to enhance the inclusive characteristics of e-mobility.
  • The nature of current charging technologies means that the place value of adjoining land use is an even greater transit concern relative to conventional fueling stations.

Xoologue - a discussion between Xoo and Moo

Moo: The media makes one feel that the era of electric vehicles has taken over and electric vehicles are fully upon us, but I’m yet to see an EV charging station in the city. There’s something amiss, Xoo.

Xoo: The media just wants to sensationalize even events that are gradual, Moo. That’s the surest way for them to make us read their paper or watch their TV channels. But your mention of EVs and EV charging stations in the same breath makes me wonder if people realize how different these two sectors are  - vehicles & charging station – from a business operation standpoint.

Moo: Well, Xoo, I was talking about talking about them as a customer, not as a business person or a CEO. All the same, I don't see why they are so different! I mean, they are tightly related – I need an EV charging station to charge my electric car. Well, to me it looks like they are in the same business.

Xoo: Same industry, yes. But  same business? No.

Moo: Because?

Xoo: Because I can’t recall any large car company owning & operating petrol stations anywhere in the world.