A climate scientist explains what the melting Arctic means for the world


As emissions continue to drive the climate crisis and we begin deregulating protected areas, the Arctic region is at higher risk than ever before. The article explains what it would take to restore our planet's climate regulator

Perspectives and insights

  • Ice is melting at a record rate in the Arctic, losing 20,000 square kilometres of cover per day.
  • Since the 1970s, we have lost 75% of the volume of Arctic summer sea ice.
  • Just as the Amazon can be considered the lungs of the world, the Arctic is like our circulation system and feeds in to global climate change everywhere

Xoologue - a discussion between Xoo and Moo

Xoo: What a wonderful way to illustrate the importance of the Arctic and the Amazon – the circulation system and the lungs of the earth.

Moo: And both these are badly affected by climate change. What can anyone do, Xoo, other than wringinh their hands in despair?

Xoo: Surely, you have heard about COP, Paris Convention & UNFCCC, Moo?

Moo: And do you think they have taken control of the situation?

Xoo: Likely not. But they do have a framework that has the potential to give us control over unabated greenhouse emissions.

Moo: And what good has this framework resulted in? Every subsequent report from IPCC only sounds more alarming.

Xoo: Well, you and I can’t do much about something that the most powerful people in the world cannot, except..

Moo: Except?

Xoo: Except helping as many people as possible realize what it means to have so much Arctic ice melt.

Moo: And how do we make them realize it? 

Xoo: If a picture says a hundred words, Moo, a well-done video is worth at least a two dozen pictures, don't you agree?

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