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What can we do about the embodied carbon

CO2 Emissions Control


Embodied carbon includes the carbon footprint from the entire value chain and thus the embodied carbon of a building could be much higher than its carbon footprint from the energy consumption during its lifetime.

Perspectives and insights

  • Most embodied carbon emissions are upstream or “upfront” of building occupancy — primarily related to the manufacturing of materials.
  • On the surface, bio-based products like mass timber from sustainably managed forests might be carbon winners. But there are methodology questions and data gaps. The bottom line: no single material will solve the embodied carbon problem, and designers need to choose all materials carefully.
  • It will be important that policy does not get ahead of available materials, building systems and the underlying LCA infrastructure.
  • An innovative carbon trading system could use revenues from offsets purchased for new construction to create financial incentives for retaining existing buildings and upgrading them for energy efficiency.