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Which smartphone is more ethical, Apple or Samsung?

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The article compares the sustainability efforts of Apple against Samsung and provides a sustainability score for each firm on the basis of key parameters like carbon footprint.

Perspectives and insights

  • Apple hit its target of sourcing 100% of energy from renewable sources, and is working towards 100% renewable energy sourcing throughout its entire supply chain by 2020.
  • Apple developed a recycling robot named Daisy that’s capable of dissembling 1.2 million phones a year.
  • Both Apple and Samsung were fined in Italy in 2018 for deliberately slowing down phones with operating system updates that caused “serious malfunctions and significantly reduced performance, thus accelerating phones’ substitution.”.
  • Samsung hasn’t had as many flashy green announcements as Apple over the last few years, but that’s because Samsung was doing corporate sustainability before it was cool.
  • Like Apple, Samsung discourages repairing its products by making them hard to repair.