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That low-carbon future for Singapore isn’t so far-fetched

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In this analysis, authors feel that Singapore making a quick transition to renewable energy energy technologies might not be as risky as opined by some experts.

Perspectives and insights

  • Singapore would develop “four switches”: Natural gas, solar power and energy storage, regional power grid and low-carbon energy options.
  • The lack of technical need for additional capacity and a limited understanding of the percentage of solar energy in Singapore’s current energy mix could be a reason for the inertia in adopting solar energy at a faster pace.
  • Development of hydrogen in Singapore’s energy system could significantly reduce carbon emissions and boost the production of valuable chemicals, provided that hydrogen is generated using renewable energy.
  • A strategic opportunity pursued by the Singapore government is carbon capture and utilization (CCU) rather than carbon capture and storage. This is because lack of available storage sites in Singapore makes utilization of captured carbon a meaningful option to reduce the island’s emissions.