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A new wave of Indies are using games to explore climate change

Sustainability Education for Communities


As the world grapples with climate change, indie creators are finding creative ways to use games as a form of interactive education.

Perspectives and insights

  • Games like Blue Planet and Beyond Blue show people the ethereal majesty of the underwater world, and also emphasize just how ephemeral this magical world is, injecting the audience with optimism, hope, passion, and appreciation.
  • "There’s a lot of water we now know elsewhere in the solar system and elsewhere in space, but to have a liquid ocean with frozen polar areas — it’s taken four and a half billion years to shape the world in a way that is favorable to humankind."
  • The creators of "Endling" wanted to sensitize players by representing a universe close to the world we are living in, where one could express one's concerns about many different topics. What better way to explore such a topic than through the eyes of an innocent animal?