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Why “De-growth” Shouldn’t Scare Businesses

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The proposal for lower consumption for sustanability was earlier considered to be too radical. But with today’s climate crisis, debates around degrowth have been reinvigorated.

Perspectives and insights

  • Some argue that the philosophy of degrowth does not seriously account for technological innovation that can continuously sustain growth.
  • A recent YouGov poll in France highlights that 27% of respondents are seeking to consume less — double the percentage from two years earlier.
  • The number of people eating less meat or giving it up altogether has been rising exponentially in recent years.
  • 10 Swedish airports have reported considerable declines in passenger traffic over the past year.
  • Degrowth reshuffles competitive dynamics within and across industries and, despite what many corporate leaders assume, offers new bases for competitive advantage.
  • Fairphone, a social enterprise, eschews the built-in obsolescence of mobile device manufacturers and produces repairable phones that dramatically extend their longevity.
  • The apparel company Patagonia that explicitly follows an “antigrowth” strategy offers a worn-wear store and provides free repairs for not only their own products but also for those of other garment manufacturers.