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Deserts could be green hydrogen hubs?

Can deserts and large regions with plentiful sunlight become green hydrogen production hubs?

A recent statement by BP Australia ( ) that Western Australia is a great place to scale up green hydrogen production should make regions around the world with plentiful sunlight or wind think the same, shouldn’t it?

Many parts of Australia get great sunshine. They have long coastlines and thus access to unlimited (saline and unpotable) water. Excellent resources that form the foundation for a green hydrogen hub,

This got us thinking about Africa. Surely there will be regions in Africa as well (a vast continent) that could have similar characteristics?

A recent article by the President of Namibia in WEF web site caught our attention. He has articulated Namibia's business case for green hydrogen fairly well: "To produce green hydrogen competitively, a country would need world-class transmission infrastructure, international port facilities, world-class wind and solar resources, access to sustainable sources of clean water (without displacing existing consumers), lots of land and a conducive legislative environment. These are all ingredients that Namibia has...Once Namibia has successfully incubated the green hydrogen economy, it will enable the country to become a supplier of energy, rather than an importer." - Source:

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