Decarbonization Avenue : Green hydrogen

In fact

Power to X is the way to go for green hydrogen?

So is Power-to-X a more practical way to use hydrogen?

Producing green hydrogen is one thing, and building a massive infrastructure globally to use it is quite another.

If the costs of water electrolysis goes down considerably owing to economies of scale, and so does prices of renewable power for similar reasons, producing green hydrogen at competitive prices might happen sooner than we think.

But is the end user ecosystem ready to take up this hydrogen? What about the trillions already invested into the manufacturing facilities in industries such as Steel, Fertilizers, Ethylene and Cement? What about the billion plus vehicles on roads that are running on ICEs suited mostly for liquid fuels (and some for natural gas)? Or ships? Or airplanes?

It may be far more difficult to get these sectors switch their infrastructure and processes to green hydrogen than producing green hydrogen itself. 

An alternative pathway - at least a transition pathway - could be one in which we use the green hydrogen as a starting point to produce low carbon or carbon neutral liquid fuels which can be just dropped into the existing infrastructure. 

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