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Decarbonization - a big opportunity for heavy industries?

A wonderful and creative perspective (& pathways) by Amory Lovins on how decarbonization if viewed with a positive mindset, can result in exciting business opportunities for hard to abate sectors like power and cement and steel. It is valuable reading indeed -

Lovins says, "By the 2030s, trucking, aviation, and shipping could be decoupling from climate. Steel, aluminum, cement, and plastics could take new forms, be used more sparingly, and be made in new ways, in unexpected places, under novel business models.".

The above are perhaps some of the largest decarbonization segments, and there could be many smaller others, but not small at all for many small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is also not clear whether the business opportunities for heavy industry decarbonization would benefit only large component and technology companies. Would they rely on their existing supply chain to provide them with the "green" components and technologies? Or can smaller, more innovative businesses, become their preferred suppliers and grow with them?

When a new industry is dawning, it is probably not a great idea for businesses to ask too many questions, but rather put their spades in the soil and kick it off in some way - and learn and evolve along the way.

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