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Importance of local skill base for heat pump technology adoption

When we mention innovation, what comes to mind most times are some breathtaking technology or some amazing scientific invention.

But many effective innovations that make a real difference may be far more prosaic than that.

Take the case of Finland's heat pumps. What seems to have made the country go big on heat pumps is the way an enterprising businessman and his organization innovated around training and skill development for heat pumps installations and maintenance, thereby increasing the qualified reseller base as well as dramatically altering the negative perceptions prospective users had about the reliability of heat pumps.

An excellent analysis of this phenomenon ( ) shows how, going beyond technology and financial incentives, presence of a local skill base and a learning and support ecosystem helped the country really go zoom with heat pumps - a country of 2.7 million homes has 1 million residential heat pumps installed from almost nothing about 30 years back - surely that’s something?

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