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A smart, green water heater that gives more than just hot water

French module manufacturer Systovi has developed a smart water heater that can forecast the weather, store surplus green electricity from solar panels and return it in the form of hot water - neat -

OK, so it is a combination of solar PV and water heater. Which might not appear to be anything new, except that the intelligence about weather that the product incorporates. It appears that, based on weather conditions, the system decides to store the solar power either in batteries or use it for heating water. If the following day is predicted to be a sunny day, the system will likely pump more electrons into the battery; and if it expected to be a cold day, it will use more electricity to heat water.

Given that heating water directly with electricity - instead of taking it from batteries - is more efficient and less costly, the weather intelligence thing appears to be a smart tweak.

All in all, looks like an interesting exploration of rooftop solar power utilization.

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