An app to get more control over your refrigeration

  • Reduce the energy required to achieve the same amount of cooling
  • Generate revenue and enable higher penetrations of intermittent renewables (solar, wind, etc.) onto the grid
  • Reduce the amount of high-GWP refrigerants released into the atmosphere



  • Predicting equipment issues and making cooling systems more efficient
  • Adding power flexibility and energy storage to cooling systems
  • Identifying and curtailing refrigerant leaks early

  • Energy saving refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration energy savings
  • Predictive maintenance App for refrigeration
  • AI, Cloud Analytics
  • Amrit Robbins, CEO & Co-Founder

    Nikhil Saralkar, CTO & Co-Founder


    United States


    Axiom Cloud


    Addressing the Refrigeration Technician shortage

    Total Lifestyle cost of Refrigeration

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