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New blueprint for zero-emission cement and concrete by 2050

 It highlights multiple ways — including production-size mitigation measures and demand reduction by use of lean construction and sustainable building materials — to drive the cement industry toward net-zero emissions by 2050.

Researchers have developed a new blueprint for reducing carbon emissions in concrete, the world’s most-used building material.

The new report presents a life-cycle analysis of the entire cement and concrete cycle, identifying key decarbonization levers and opportunities, and modeling the combined contribution of these approaches.


  • Cement
  • Buildings

Sustainability domain

  • Pollution control
  • Sustainable materials

Type of innovation

  • Core sciences & engineering

Stakeholder type

  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher


Relevant for

  • Chemical engineer
  • Civil or construction engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Production or process engineer

Innovation sector

  • Chemistry & chemical engineering
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Environmental sciences