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Novel Renewable Natural gas partnership will move Duke toward Carbon Neutrality

The purchase of renewable natural gas has the additional benefit of a providing a carbon offset for the destruction of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas known to contribute to climate change.

GreenGas will install equipment to capture the escaping methane from vegetable waste lagoons, process the gas to meet heat content and chemical makeup standards of pipeline natural gas, and inject it into existing interstate pipelines.

GreenGasUSA will involve vegetable waste that is currently decomposing in lagoons and is emitting gaseous methane directly into the atmosphere.


  • Power

Sustainability domain

  • Renewable Energy
  • Waste management

Type of innovation

  • Core sciences & engineering

Stakeholder type

  • University researcher
  • Corporate researcher


Relevant for

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Biochemical engineer
  • Oil & gas engineer
  • Biomass energy professional
  • Production or process engineer
  • Biotech professional

Innovation sector

  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Renewable energy sciences
  • Waste management